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Hi, I am headed to Land Between the Lakes on June 21-25 for some trail riding. Is any one else planning to go during that time frame or know of anyone going during that time? Please let me know if you are interested in meeting up and riding together. This is my 2nd year going, and I will be going again the first full week of Nov.

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Wheres land between the lakes ? Also is there hookups ?
I'd be willing to go if theres hookups and a safe place to either put your horse or
safe picketlines.
Hi Sam--I'd be willing to consider going as well. I also need some more info on cost, facilities, etc. Be nice to camp with you again.
Land between the Lakes is just over the KY boder outside of Cadiz KY. LBL has great facilties you can visit the web site to find out more www.lbl.org Must have current coggins and health certificate from vet (easy to get). Wranglers campground is where we stay. Number for reservations on web site. They have stalls or pickett lines. Camp sites from primative to electric / water hook up. Very clean camp sites and restrooms!! We are staying in a cabin. Hope this helps, if you need more info just let me know.


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