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I went to the 1st session last night and highly recommend it-very low key, friendly, they will work with you and your horse on anything you are interested in. I do endurance and trail rides and most participants were working on spins, sliding stops, etc but I certainly did not feel that I was not a priority. Plus it was fun to watch! Results are quick and low stress for you and the horse. There are 3 sessions remaining. Check out lyonslegacy.com for more details or contact me if you have questions.

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You may want to check that web address, it took me to something about server protection.
Hey Jackie, I was thinking about going to Winter Riding club myself, but I had a question. Did you feel like you got your money's worth? I was thinking $75.00 a person was alittle steep.
well the 1st night I had over 20 minutes one on one with JOHN Lyons who was visiting for the holidays, and the rest of that night and the 2nd night I had as much one on one time with one of the other trainers as I wanted. Considering most lessons are $35/hr or even more with folks that are less well known, it does seem worthwhile to me. There will never be more than 10 people per session (and there were less the past 2). I also considered what clinics cost-a friend of mine did a Buck Brannaman clinic recently that charged over $400 for 4 hours, about 20 in the clinic, and $25 per day to audit. There are folks present at Josh's that are not riding (come with the participants) whose questions are answered too for no additional fee. It has definitely made a difference in my horse's movement and sad to say I have only ridden him at the clinics, no work in between!
Thank you for your reply, I have the same problem, only an outdoor arena, been very cold to ride during the week. I might get to go this Saturday and I will look forward to meeting you. How far to you have to travel? I'm coming from Goodlettsville, so not that far, really.
I am about 90 minutes southwest of him. There were folks there from Crossville and Chattanooga last week. Look forward to seeing you! He has coffee and donuts before the riding starts, and I have my husband meet me at the gate with coffee periodically while I ride-I'm sure he'd bring you some too!
You're so sweet, horsepeople are the nicest anywhere...Thanks so much,
See you soon,

Did you get to go last week Saturday?  We were there, but really didn't get to socialize.  Had a great time, your right, my friends Paint Horse that wasn't broke very well, Max rode her for about an hour getting her soft and supple, bending and flexing.  Did a great job.

I am so glad you thought it worthwhile!

No we wimped out-our trailer is open in the back (half doors) and even with a rainsheet and blanket I didn't want to haul in that cold rain

Will you be there next weekend?


Nobody would have said "wimped out".   We had to move pretty fast to keep from getting drowned between the trailer and the arena.  Wasn't cold in the arena, of course.  We got home alittle after 10:00pm, had to run to the barn with the horses, still raining.  The next day was horrible, and nobody was fixin' to go......cold besides.  So, yes unless it is bad weather, I plan on going.  

Great! as you say, if no snow/rain I will be there


Hey Jackie, Hope you made it back okay.  I was excited to learn about the new Winter riding series that is going to start Jan. 9th.  I'm adding to some of the events calendars around to the different associations that I belong to.  I want it to be sucessful, and they are not going to take anymore than 10 per session.  Really liked riding "Tucker", super soft, nice reining horse. Josh is getting more friendly, I think he was seeing how serious we are about making progress with our horses.  Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! 


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