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Just wondering where everybody is riding this weekend.... Please comment!

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Sulpher Creek Trails, in Elkmont Rural Village. Im a short red head with a sorrel QH mare. I drive a black truck and black trailer. Would love some new riding friends, I haven't lived in the area that long.
I am riding with 3 other women at Franklin Forest on Saturday.  We live around Manchester/Pelham TN.  We have talked about riding at Sulpher Creek on Monday.  Which day are you going to be there?
Maybe all three days. Not sure, I live in Elkmont so one day maybe the rails for trails. Ill make it a point to go to sulpher on Monday and say hello :-)

Laurel Hill Lake, Sunday and Monday


Danielle - I will be at Sulpher Creek on Saturday to ride at 10. Might also ride on the other days. Dark gray Chevy with white 2 horse Sundowner.
My daughter and I are looking for a ride this weekend, would love to join up with someone, our weekend just freed up and most places are booked for lodging, so would love some ideas!


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