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Can anyone tell me if they think my trailer is too small for my horses. Can you tell me about how much room the horses should have to be safe to hold their balance ok. I have a 2 horse bumper pull. I know that just because I have a 2 horse trailer doesn't mean it has enough room for my two good size horses. I do plan on getting new tires before I pull it because I know that is very important. Please help if you know.

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What is the height & length of trailer & how many hands are your horses?  Also, straight load vs slant load in a bumper pull makes a difference.
Not sure on the measurments of the trailer. I will measure and let you know tho. My horses are about 15 hands, maybe 15.1. My trailer is a straight load. Thanks for the response.

My trailer measures 6ft 3inches tall. It is 5ft wide and measures 9ft from nose to back and 6ft from the position where the horses front feet would be to the back. The other 3ft  in the nose is where the tack goes and the horses heads would be over the bar in that area. Also my horses are more like 15.1 and 15.2 after remeasuring.

IMO, a 6'3" tall trailer is too short.  It will be interesting to hear what other members have to say.  My first BP was 7'2" & the one I have now is 7'6".  My horse is 15.2 hands.  7'6" is probably over-kill but it holds my friend's warmblood.  I've seen too many times where a horse has busted his head with a trailer that is too short.  When we ask our horse to load into a box to be pulled down an interstate with cars and semis passing, we're asking alot.  For the safety and comfort of the horse I would seriously consider a trailer with more room. 
Thanks for the response. It is something to think about. I def want my horses safe.
If your horses will load into it and don't hit the ceiling when they raise their heads and they still have a little room on each side, it will do fine. Some horses don't like to load into a too small trailer...of course some horses don't like to load into any trailer. If it is a little narrow for them, you might want to use shipping boots when hauling both horses, so they wont step on each other while trying to balance, causing cuts on their lower legs. A little more head room is nice, though.
Well I guess I need to try loading them and see how they load and the room they have. My next concern would be if a trailer of this size is even made to hold 2 good size horses weight.
That's a good question Christal.  You might want to have someone check it out.  While I agree somewhat in Adrienne's post, I need to state that you could probably put six people in a VW but is it safe for the people and foget the comfort question. lol
Thanks again. I will def have someone check it out.

This is probably the best resource I could recommend you purchase wrt trailers. 




Neva Scheve knows what she's talking about.  I've had the book for years and have used it on occasion to prove my point to my husband. ;-)


Thanks Casey.


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