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Interested in organizing a Benefit Ride for the Humane Society/Horse Rescue/Cannon County?

The Humane Society and Mike King has expressed interest in a Tennessee Trail Riders benefit ride to raise funds and awareness for the continued needs of the horse rescue stemming from the Cannon County horse disaster? I am looking for someone who is a TTR member and has experience and enthusiasm for such a venture. The ride is preferred to be in "Williamson County" (but not absolutely necessary) and would include sponsorship fees for all riders, donations from non-riders and even include a shindig to follow, like food and a songwriters event. If you are qualified and interested please contact me: 615 202-9912. This is an extremely timely and worthy cause...it's what we stand for as TTR members.

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I am not really quaified in creating such an event, BUT you can count me in on any help - food etc, i can put some posters up in our show room, and you KNOW i will promote it- just let me know how i can help - thanks
Belinda, thanks for your help.
Thanks for working on this. Some of the horses (15) have been moved to Horse Haven in Knoxville. I have deleted the other discussion because the need for new volunteers has diminished. However, the financial gap remains. A benefit ride is a great way to help make sure the horses continue to have what they need and have some fun in the process. Mike King


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