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I am in the process of booking some rides for this year.  We want to try out some new places but want some input.  Has anyone out there tried Hungry Horse East in Ivanhoe, Va or Mammoth Cave in KY?  I would like to find a camp for July that would be a bit cooler (is there such a thing?!) so I was looking at VA.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have been to High Country Horse Camp in VA twice with friends and everyone loved it. Can ride right out and will also trailer you to other spots. You can ride into Mount Rogers/Grayson Highlands from there. Went in August one year and still had to wear a long sleeved shirt! Loved it!!!

Nancy  I have been going to Mount Rogers Va for 11 or 12 years,always try to go around July 4,it is the best place we have found to bet the heat.We usually go to High Country because we like to get droped off to make differant rides.We have also stayed at Rocky Hollow.Fox Creek might be ok if you have a LQ.My group is planning to go back this year the week after the 4th.Happy trails Bruce

I checked out High Country Horse Camp.  Do the campsites have trees around them or are they all out in the open?  Planning the trip for the summer & would like some shade.  Thanks so much for any input.

Be careful booking a camp around the Mammoth Cave area.  I stayed at D Bar K last year at the end of June for their Cowgirl ride.  We had a blast and the riding was great but they have not trees for shade within their camping area.  And we were there during some of the hottest weather last summer.  We spent our days in the woods riding to avoid the heat back at camp.  There are a couple of other camp grounds around the same area you could check out.  The riding was good but in the late summer you have to watch out for bees on the trails.


Nancy, High Country has both shade and open

Thanks so much.  I'll call tomorrow to see about making reservations for warmer weather - something to look forward to!

 I stayed at High Country Horse Camp in July.  Good cool weather but carry rain coats. The mountains draw rain. Trails were good.  I am going with some friends to Mommoth Cave in May. I have herd good reviews about the trails.  Good luck!

We stayed at Hungry Horse a couple years ago and had a wonderful time. The campground is well cared for. The care takers are very helpful and friendly. The trails are really nice. I would stay there again.

We have also stayed at High Counrty Horse camp a few times and love it there as well. The trails at High Country are breath taking. They also have a shuttle trailer and will take you to other trail heads so you can see more of there beautiful trails. If you''re going to make the trip to VA High Country is a mustfor the views.

Happy Trails

Cindy, I made reservations at Hungry Horse East for June 13th.  Would love to talk to you about your trip. Is there anyway to contact you? Thanks so much.

Hi Nancy,

You can call me at 413-237-3310 after 3pm or email me at stedman_c@msn.com


 Hi, we rode Mammoth Cave last fall.  It was very pretty leaves and colors great!  Trails mod. some trees were down storm had been thru but nothing you could not get around.  We sayed at D bar K.  Close to trail head so you rode out ( not having to trailer +)  No trees... so no shade... but we were there fall so it was great for us.  We rode 3 days about hrs a day.. still did not see everything....so I guess we will just have to go back.. lol :)

Thanks for your info on Mammoth Cave.  


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