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I have a couple young, gaited horses that I am interested in taking to a local sale. Which sale barns do you recommend?

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Hey Mike, What about the Wiser Farm sales in Shelbyville,Tn.? They will be having a sell on August28, and on Sept.3-5. They sell quality gaited horses on consignment. That's where my gaited horse came from!!!!! Look it up on the internet and get all the info!!! I hope this helped you . By the way Thanks for this website, I'm really enjoying it!!!! Audrey Rody
This isn't exactly a sale barn but Saddle Brook Stables in Jamestown, TN usually have a spring and fall sale and do take consignment horses. Their website is www.tnwalk.com They usually have a pretty good crowd, can't guarantee what prices will be, but would almost have to be better than the run of the mill sale barns.
Check with Jeff at Sachs Family Farm. Depending on the horses he might be interested. He does a lot of buying and selling. Just google; sachsfamilyfarm. Good luck!
Blessings, Linda
Check out the Western KY Flat Shod Pleasure Horse Auction in Bowling Green. They have a sale
Sept 26. www.wkfshorsesale.com


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