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Immediate need...if anybody is looking for a miniature horse....

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Immediate need...if anybody is looking for a miniature horse....

The Blount Co. SPCA is helping an elderly couple reduce the amount of miniature horses on their farm. Because of their financial situation, they no longer able to care for these animals. There are a total of 21 beautiful equines and all need homes where they can be loved and cared for. These animals have barely had any interaction with humans. They are not halter ...or saddle broke (except for 1 gelding) and will require a lot of tender loving care from their new owners. A very reasonable adoption fee of $100 for stallions and $125 for mares. A fee will be added for delivery.

The adoption fees will go straight to this elderly couple in order to off set some of their medical bills. If you would like to know more about a certain horse, please contact the Blount Co. SPCA at (865)-805-7104 or email at ginokellie@aol.com.
Thank you for your support & please share this email with any & all horse lovers.
Blount County SCPA.

HHT will help with the cost of gelding these stallions through our Studs to Bud program.

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