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I'm more excited about our 2010 foals than ever before...

We are down to the final week or so in anticipation of our three April 2010 foals. I've never looked forward to a group of foals as much as I do this year. I've had the mares in their stalls for the past month, to get them off fescue, and they are looking good and feeling relaxed. We're expecting three this month, two of them are already 2 days overdue, the other due at the end of the month. Here is why I look forward to our 2010 foals:


1) Each year we breed our choc/white/silver dapple TWH stallion, Diamond Jim Starbuck, to our choc/white homozygous TWH mare. We are hoping and praying for a homozygous stud colt...it will be the first of it's kind as far as we know. In previous years this stallion/mare have produced a homozygous filly and an impressive spotted (choc/white) stud colt, but he wasn't homozygous. All of the previous foals have had incredible, quiet, smart dispositions and thick white manes just like the sire. According to UC Davis Veterinary School, we have a one in nine chance of getting a homozygous silver dapple spotted stud...this year will be attempt #3.


2) We have been fortunate to own an incredible 16hh dark choc/flax Rocky mare who has produced one beautiful black Kentucky Mountain colt, but last year we bred her to Destiny, a 16.1hh homozygous choc/flax Rocky stud; he's an awesome stud, she's an incredibly good natured, high headed, slick coated mare. I know that two perfect genetics don't guarantee perfect offsprings but we have a heck of a good chance.


3) Last year we got a 15.2 black Rocky Mare who produced one of the nicest colts seen in 25+ years of breeding but unfortunately the colt broke it's leg in two places and had to be put down...absolutely heart-wrenching. Well she was bred back to the same stud, Fairwinds Destiny (16.1hh, long, double-thick mane), and we hope she can produce an exceptional foal again!


Of course, first and foremost, we hope they are all healthy, but once health is assured, I can't wait to see what we get and then to spend time with the foals with calming, giving to pressure, and training to a lead. 


Stay tuned!!!

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Mike, wishing you good luck with your babies. Please post pics with your announcement!
Wishing you the best of luck with your new additions. I have my fingures crossed for you on the holmozygous choc/white stud colt!
Life is like a box of chocolates...(rockies, of course!) Hope you get the combos you want! I am sure they will all be stunning and of course hope they are all healthy. Pictures will follow from the proud breeder/baby daddy, right?
The much awaited foal from our 16hh rocky did not come out alive. Twins were born, one was 93cm, the other 32cm. Although we had her checked at 21 days via ultrasound, our vet missed the two fetuses. I had spent the night in the barn with her, but alas she had the baby mid afternoon, only a couple hours after I left the barn. There was nothing I could have done to save the foals anyway. Thank goodness the brood mare had no bruising or tearing...she is in amazing health.

Two days later our homozygous SSH foaled a healthy filly. Both are doing well. The foal has a couple cat scratches on her so she most likely is not homozygous like her momma. I had spend the night in the barn again and was there when the foal hit the ground.

Our third foal of the month is expected within the next couple days, she is already two days past her due date. I was awakened in the barn last night, thought surely I heard a noise that sounded like her water breaking...so I jumped out of my chaise lounge only to find a big, fresh pile of poop. ;-)
Aw Mike, I am sorry to hear about the loss of the foals, but I am glad the mare came through it without bad consequences. Please explain 'cat scratches' to me...? Also glad your other foal came alright, and hopefully the third will arrive in good health also.
Cat scratches is a term that I use and if it's "unique" to me then sorry for the confusion. It's when a spotted horse has marks of color within a white patch, kinda like small colored circles or marks surrounded by white and often times the colored marks are not as dark as the overall color of the horse because it has some white hairs within the mark also. It's often times an indication of whether a horse is homozygous or not...the rule I've heard is that if a horse has seven or more cat scratches (or scratch marks) then it's very likely to be homozygous for spots. Likewise, if it does not have at least seven cat scratches then it is unlikely to be homozygous. I hope that makes sense Adrienne...if you want to see it first hand come on over the the farm and I'll show you one of our brood mares who DOES have cat scratches and IS homozygous.

Happy trails, (if you like mud that is ;-))
I've heard the called "cat tracks" and I have also heard that it is an indication of being homozygous. My Jenny has them and she is homozygous, I have not counted them so I don't know how many she has.
Thanks for the explanation! I knew what homozygous meant, but since I am not into breeding I didn't know what the term 'cat scratches' had to do with it. I would love to come see your mares sometime when it is convenient...I am off tomorrow and Thursday...and also increase my knowledge of horses. I have to go to Brentwood to my chiropractor and to pick up some blankets to wash in the morning. Just let me know when it would be convenient...and if you're busy, then maybe another time. I know my To Do list is always far longer than my time off is! lol
We have a spotted mare that is 12 days overdue and we're getting worried! People have told us this is not that unusual this year in particular. She has all the signs, except the waxing. We're so tired of watching and waiting.
i know someone who just had their's yesterday. it she was 355 days in ,and mine was 13 days late. i know its the worst waiting. but when she waxes she will be ready. mine slid under a 6in.gap under a door and was outside when i found her. if i didn't know she waxed that night i wouldn't have went to check on her.
I think I see waxing! I strongly believe it will be in 24 hrs. Of course I've said this before!
We had a filly born this morning about 4 am. She's just as pretty as her mama! I'll post pics soon.


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