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Okay I will be 15 next month and when I ride my spotted saddle horse Nauta,or any other horse,for the matter,I have to wear this hot,uncomfortable helmet.I have been riding for just about 5 years now and many of the people I ride with have personally seen me improve tremendously.My best friend who is almost 13,has been told that when she does turn 13,she will not have to wear her helmet anymore.So my question is,if I can almost legally drive a car,should i not be able to choose if I want to wear a helmet or no?Please,if you will,respond to my question because I need some positive feedback to help my case.

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I think you should where a helmet to your 21... Ms. Terry better buy you a new one in the morning before we ride..
My view is that the possibility of getting your head smashed like melon on the pavement always makes me wear a helmet and i am 47, i agree that they are yucky to wear when its hot, BUT a broken arm can be put in a cast and over time will heal, Brain damage doesn't and can change your life and those around you in a split second, none of us know from one minute to the next what can spook our upset our horses and it can be catastrophic, the legal age thing i am not sure on, but my view is that as long as i am going to ride, that helmet will go on my head regardless of how hot or how experienced it am as a rider, just my personal view- hope it helps
I've been riding since I was 6 years old, now I'm 16 and my parents just now quit making me wear a helmet, after 10 years of it you get used to it. Horses are dangerous, I don't like wearing helmets and I don't wear them now most of the time, but sometimes I still prefer to wear my helmet when I'm riding certain horses (like my mare who is a handful), it's a lot safer and I'd rather wear a helmet than end up with brain damage or even getting killed. It's kind of like wearing a seat belt in a car, I've read that most deaths from horseback riding are from head injuries and could have been prevented if the rider was wearing a helmet. It's not up to you and it doesn't matter how experienced you are or how much you have improved. Being able to legally drive a car has nothing to do with it, it's up to your parents and they are trying to keep you safe.
Yes dear, please wear a helmet! All it takes is one bad crash and the damage can't be undone if it's your brain!
I have been riding since I was 5 and have not come off a horse in 35 yrs until last year. I hit my head hard and lost 20 min of time. I am now wearing a helmet. I will also add this as a parent myself; who bought your horse and pays yours bills? When you are grown and independent of your parents then you can make your own choices, hopefully the right ones. Till then what Mom and Dad say, goes! There is a verse in the Bible that says, "Children obey your parents that your days upon the earth may be long." (Something to that effect.) It is not about taking away or denying your rights it is about protecting you until you have matured. I also taught HS and College and the brain does not mature until about age 25. So take care of your precious self and brain, you do not get another.
Yes, wear your helmet no matter how stupid you feel or look. I always have worn a helmet and a bandana underneath can help with sweating underneath in hot weather. I have these snap on fleece earpieces that I use in the cold weather to keep my ears warm. Love my brain.
I am 54 and have epilepsy. I had a pretty bad seizure in December and can't drive for 6 months. I hate the feeling that my independence has been taken away. I will not stop trail riding, so I am now making myself wear a helmet. I don't like it in hot or cold weather, but don't want to further increase my risk of seizures by a blow to the head. I could loose lots more independence if that happened. I am blessed with good friends that haul me around. If this is what it takes for me to ride then so be it. I know of a young girl in our area that was injured in a horse riding accident and remains partially paralyzed many years later. It is a good idea!
I also hate helmets and never wore them as a kid or an adult. I'm older now and think wearing a helmet is the wisest thing you can. You are never too experienced to get hurt. Just because your 13 yr old friend can do something, doesn't mean it is good for her or the right thing for her to do.
I am an adult. I have a helmet, but don't wear it all the time. That is my stupid decision and one that I may pay for one day. I used to ride 4-wheelers and would not get on one without my helmet and thought anyone who did was just plain stupid. But I choose most of the time to ride my horse, who has a brain of his own, unlike my 4-wheeler, without one. Not really the smartest decision I have ever made. Keep wearing your helmet. It is a very good idea.
Your a beautiful young lady let's keep it that way WEAR YOUR HELMET!!!! I do.
well guess I'm gonna be the odd ball but I've never worn a helmet and never plan to.
nor do any of the people I ride with so I guess its your parents decision. It doesn't really matter what you want, they have the ultimate say so.
Not trying to be mean. but its up to them and there is no sense in trying to fight with them because they're going to make that decision.
Angela, I'm glad you brought up this important topic. I wear a helmet. I've considered not wearing one, especially in the hot summer months. Sometimes I feel like a goof when I'm the only one in a group wearing one. Everyone has to do what is right for them and for me, a helmet just makes good sense. I feel like I have a responsibility to my family to be as safe as I possibly can be when enjoying a hobby that has the potential to be dangerous. I ditto what everyone else has said and remind myself once again the promise I made several years ago to wear one - no matter how tempting not to. I also always wear proper footwear for safety reasons and don't let people ride my horses in tennis shoes, flip flops, etc. I had a bad accident about 10 years ago and was not wearing a helmet. I was knocked unconscious but thankfully wasn't seriously hurt. Accidents happen quickly. My motto is "live to ride another day"!


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