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Just wondering how many trail riding folks were planning on going to Road to the Horse?  If you are going, who are you rooting for?

A.  Clinton Anderson (colors: Red and Black)

B.   Pat Parelli          (colors: Yellow and Black)

C.   Chris Cox           (colors:  Blue and Black)


I'm voting for Mr. Clinton Anderson 

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Chris Cox did an amazing job,a very humble man and an excellent horseman,kinda funny everyone was either for Clinton or Pat and he just did his thing.I was proud of Pat for high 5ing him very disappointed Clinton rode out,seemed like he was a bad sport
Maybe Clinton didn't want to take any of the limelight away from Chris.  Really they all did a great job.  I had not heard much about Chris Cox prior to this event.  His colt turned out very nice, he sure was a challenge during training.  I was very impressed with all their riding skills.
Those of us lucky enough to go really had a treat........no matter who you were rooting for, they all had a WOW factor and all did a great job with their horses!!!! It was pretty amazing how much better the horses did when they were not confined to the roundpen.    Super show, all have talent, different training styles, glad I was able to attend this year, it won't be forgotten.  RTTH will have a challege to top this venue from now on, just saying... 


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