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Just wondering how many trail riding folks were planning on going to Road to the Horse?  If you are going, who are you rooting for?

A.  Clinton Anderson (colors: Red and Black)

B.   Pat Parelli          (colors: Yellow and Black)

C.   Chris Cox           (colors:  Blue and Black)


I'm voting for Mr. Clinton Anderson 

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There is a waiting list for tickets.   Call the 1-800 #, and they can explain to you how you can get in on it.   My neighbor did that about a week ago and got a ticket!     They do not advertise this waiting list, so you have to ask for it.
Pat Parelli, no doubt!!!!   They all have the great ability to be winners but Pat will do it!!

We will have a booth in the vendors tent...stop by and register for free weekends camping!

Good Luck to all amazing trainers!!!

Hey Ray, look forward to seeing you there and thanks for invite to your booth.  I've never been to Circle E so I will definely check it out!!!
On the Road to the Horse website, there is a voting poll, Clinton was ahead 79%,  615 votes since I've last looked
Road to the Horse website....voting poll, Clinton now up to 803 votes, 86%...Feb. 15

If you can, please click on this link to vote on the RTTH website  http://roadtothehorsenation.com/m/po...poll_info&id=1   As of today:

Pat Perelli = 9.3%  (100 votes)

Chris Cox = 14%    (151 votes)

Clinton Anderson = 76.7%  (826 votes)

If nothing else, I'ts just fun ....  

I am still voting for Parelli, no doubt!!

I dunno.... lol... I think this poll might be flawed and was passed around exclusively to the Clinton fans!   Ha ha ha......     I *know* there are more than 100 Parelli fans to 900 Clinton fans, lolol.


2 days guys!!!

Hey folks, Clinton  is up to 894................woohooo!!!!
Clinton is up to 1021 and 79%.....I heard some Clintonites are going to have at least one banner showing the RTTH website poll graph........20 ft long, I'm sure it will be on the webcast....good job getting the troops rallied around to vote on this poll, RUHorsey2   
Wow......what a show..........Game changing event happened last nite.....Mr. Parelli pushed his colt, got yard darted, maybe he did that for the entertainment value???? 


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