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Just wondering how many trail riding folks were planning on going to Road to the Horse?  If you are going, who are you rooting for?

A.  Clinton Anderson (colors: Red and Black)

B.   Pat Parelli          (colors: Yellow and Black)

C.   Chris Cox           (colors:  Blue and Black)


I'm voting for Mr. Clinton Anderson 

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couldn't get  tickets so i'm working there,Pat would be my bet
We got tickets when they first went on sale.  I am voting for Clinton.
Im am I am!!!    I'm so excited I could burst.     I had missed out on tickets, but a friend of mine couldn't use hers and passed them on to me!!    I love all 3 trainers, but am most excited to see Pat Parelli do his thing.  I'm sure he'll have some creative, different approach, and I can't wait to see it.
I'm with you, Nora, It will be a show and a half, reputations at stake.........I knew it would sell out quickly, so I hurried up and got my tickets too.....I'm flying in a friend of mine from Michigan for her 60th birthday, she's a big Clinton fan too......so we will be having a BIG TIME. 
So should I wear yellow and black?? lol
Well, it's kinda funny, the "NO Worries" club of Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship is black and yellow.  There are several folks in the NWC wanted to wear their t-shirts, now they're re-thinking that idea.  Clinton is planning on doing a trubute to his mentor, Gordon McKinlay, you know that is going to be a well prepared show and salute to Gordon.  
Hmm...  My NWC shirt is white with red letters.      Still the wrong colors... lol.     Maybe I'll wear a color for each trainer each day!!    That'll keep 'em guessing.  lol.   

We couldnt get tickets :-(  ....not missin it next time!   I watch all three on RFD and they all are amazing horsemen.

Considering getting the broadcast on TV all three days for 29.99....better than totally missing out.

Is it the TV broadcast or the simulcast on the internet?  I would like to know the TV station it will be carried on, like ESPN or something.  I would sure try and buy it and set it to DVR.  Please advise. 
We went last year and loved it.  Actually, we had a booth there, Supreme Horse Walker LLC.  But, this year we learned they were moving the vendors outside to a tent so we chose not to attend.  We were really looking forward to going again and seeing it.  Hope you all have a wonderful time!  May the best man win!
I'm soooooo sad :( we couldn't get tickets, there were already gone.
I will be going! Can't wait! I am a dedicated Parelli student.


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