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I have a filly that has them bad all around her nose and mouth. We have had them before on other horses and they go away on their own. I know there is usually no harm in this but they look really bad and I was just trying to see if i could find a quicker way to get rid of them. The vet said to use castor oil. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? Yes, I am keeping her seperated from the other horses.....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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I guess try what your vet said.
My horse gets them from too much sun exposure sometimes, and sometimes all this moisture can cause fungus problems that cause them.
I've had good luck with using a suncreen, and they clear right up..maybe it's the lotion and moisture-repellant waterproof aspect that helps.
Thank you!
I had a young filly that had a bad case of warts on her muzzle as well,the vet came and cut them off,now this sounds really gross,but he told me to feed them to my filly and she would'nt get them any more. I did what he said and she never got them again. This was like 10 years ago,so ask the vet,he can help you!!! But that mare was a beautiful horse,once those warts were gone!!! Hope this helps a little, Audrey
Thank you, I had heard that, but my vet did not want to cut them off.......
My vet said that eating the warts gives them immunity against getting them again. Cutting them off is a quick fix. But definetly listen to your vet,cause cutting them off seems a little drastic!!!!OUCH!!!! Good Luck!!! Audrey
I just want them gone.She is covered with them around her nose and mouth. She is a beautiful horse and I want to show her in country boy shows, but this makes it kinda impossible. ;-( Thanks for the advice!
The vet that did my mare's wart removal is from the Meredith Warner Animal Clinic in Lewisburg,Tn. Howie Warner is the vets name. You aren't that far from Lewisburg should you change your mind. It just takes a few days for it to heal up,after it's done!! It's your decision,do what works for you!!! Let us know how it goes? Audrey
I always thought warts were caused by viruses....
They are... But they can be gotten rid of just like they can on people.They usually go away on their own, but i was trying to get rid of them quicker.
I can't remember exactly why eating the warts help,maybe he said it helps the immune system,anyways ,to be sure it would'nt hurt to give him a call to find out exactly why??? That was 10 years ago and I'm over 50 !!!HA-HA!!!!! Howie is a good vet ,I've used him for years!!!!! Good Luck Again,Audrey
very much YUCK!!!!


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