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Come be a part of horse training at its best. Learn how to talk to horses and understand what they are thinking. Learn the art of PPK discipline training with trainer Lex Hyde through "patience, persistance, and kindness".

This performance will be held at Bobby McNatt's Farm, a well known and respected breeder and trainer of spotted saddle and rocky mountain horses.

Teachings will be on control, desensitization, foot preparation, bucking problems, and much more. This will be a fun filled, action-packed three hour session with an unbroke horse!

For the safety of the horse, the round pen is boarded; therefor, there is standing room only. a $10.00 fee is required per person. Drinks and water may be purchased at event.

Phone McNatt farms at 931-433-8578 anytime, or call Lex Hyde at 931-625-5594 after 6pm for reservations, directions, or further information.

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when?? gotta at least have the day and time. Don't wanna bother callin unless I know I can go,

Every time I see that term 'horse whispering' It makes me see (immagine) some crazy comic picture of someone whisperin in a horses ear. A very amusing but hardly practical idea. Personally I don't care for the term as used to describe sensable communications with the equine species. But if somebody likes it I guess it's harmless.
I've studied training by herd dynamics for a long time, and it works better than anything else when properly applied, but it does take some developed ability to read horse body language and some knowlege on horse herd social relationships. Sounds like thats what's being taught in some form. There are as many versions of it as there are teachers of it, but it all boils down to working off the same principals. Every really successful trainer uses some form of the same principals to a more or less extent, wether they know it or not. But it really helps to understand the background of why it works and then it's easier to make it work.
It also seems that those trainers who work with horses as close to the way horses work each other as posible are the ones who accomplish something faster, the horse understands it quicker and responds.
im sorry i will get u the time and day buddy
Chase, post the time and date here or send it to me also.


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