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The Tennessee house Agriculture committee will pass a bill to establish and permit the equine slaughter and processing facilities in Tennessee ( house bill 1428, SB 1898 ) this Tuesday May 12 at 9am. The bill also includes that joining property owners can not file action against a slaughter operation with no public appeal. Please call everyone on this committee ASAP if you do not want horse slaughter in Tennessee.

Committee meets May 12, 9 am call ASAP

About the Agriculture Committee
The House Agriculture Committee is charged with two somewhat different responsibilities. The committee ís first function is to process legislation which is agricultural in subject matter -- control of equine infectious anemia, euthanasia of animals, the use of state funds for cash awards at state and local fairs, etc. More »
Committee Officers
• Stratton Bone, Chair 615-741-7086
• Dale Ford, Vice-Chair 615-741-1717
• Willie Butch Borchert, Secretary 615-741-6804
• Eddie Bass 615-741-1864
• Chad Faulkner 615-741-3335
• Curtis Halford 615-741-7478
• John Litz 615-741-6877
• Steve McDaniel615-741-0750
• Frank Niceley615-741-4419
• Johnny Shaw 615-741-4538
• Terri Lynn Weaver 615-741-2192
• John Mark Windle 615-741-1260

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One of the most controversial topics on the TTR website has been about "horse slaughter". I found this website today and thought it might be of interest to anyone who wants to keep up with the news from the U.S. Humane Society: http://www.hsus.org/legislation_laws/citizen_lobbyist_center/help_e...
Since this topic keeps coming up I thought I'd share a web site and personal information. The owner of this web site is a personal friend of mine. After contacting her when I heard about this bill she did tell me that Priscilla Presley was aware of it and fighting it. Here is a link to her web site with information about horse slaughter. Also for any horse lovers you may enjoy looking at the web site in general to learn about the horses she has rescued. http://www.sixhorsessaved.org/endhorseslaughter.htm
When we bring animals into our lives to ease our work, be a companion, provide food, etc, it is our duty to treat them humanely, provide adequate food, not abuse or neglect them. A neighbor has four horses on less than an acre. I took hay to them over the winter since none was provided and they were extrememly thin. I do not know how the owners could drive past them everyday and NOT SEE the starving horses. I would rather see the horses humanely euthanized and provide dog food, etc, then starved to death. I think instead of shutting down the slaughter houses, reforming them to a humane industry would benefit the horse.
Vote yes to horse slaughter plants in Tennessee...Look around and see all the inhumane treament and half straved animals...I love my horses..
Thanks Dusty for giving the website. Here's one you might enjoy and keeps you up on crap that is happening - http://fuglyhorseoftheday.blogspot.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rJq67JaM_Q Those of you that saw the starving or abused horses - Did you report them? Slaughtering horses isn't the answer - The answer is to Stop Breeding! Oh and the black horse that I am on is a rescue. She was starved with others in stalls. She was lucky - Someone was brave enough to turn in the owner and she was seized and placed with a rescue. She doesn't know that she was abused by a human and still has love and trust and is turning into a very nice horse.
stop breeding? that will only happen when socialism takes over the country and people are told what they can and can't do in their personal lives. That we don't want, it would be a terrible oppresive society to live with.

I think the best way to deal with it is to have a slaughtor plant but have it designed and controlled so that no stolen horses are allowed through (a constantly updated list of stolen horses with description and photos kept at hand for frequent reference) and all entries filtered by a rescue sociey, a vet, and a good trainer. That is; pull out all the good horses and rehome them. And then arrange the killing process to be as humane as posible. No pain involved and every horse taken out of sight and sound of the next. It can be done, and would be ok if done right, but I never heard of such a setup being done. Might want a price fix on them as well. Like at an auction every horse selling for under a certain amount (maybe $100) gets bought by the plant and then is sent through the filtering process. The ones taken out to be rehomed could be trained a bit if needed, fed a few weeks if needed, and adopted out for 3-400 fee to help with the expenses.
Interesting, and that ad from the man who the 3 horses for sale who were so skinny reminds me of many I've seen online, it's like get a clue people! I can't stand to see (and use to have one living right across from me) people raise these foals and the babies & moms are both half starved. I agree if you see underfed and neglected horses you should report them. Human ignorance is at fault, not the horse itself!
Yes, I did report them. Animal control came out to INSPECT, the horses remain there. Evidently, the horses ribs and hip bones were not sticking out enough.
Nuzicanuz - Please know I wasn't singleing you out......To many close their eyes, don't want to get involved. I'm glad you did report them. Maybe one day you will get a knowledgable investigater in your area. I also have reported a horse and followed up on my report. Got the "talked to owner, he "just" realized how thin it was and trying worming and it had it's own round bale and water". Pleaaaseee!!! How about a vet and check it's teeth and if old put on proper feed!!! But all we can do is keep reporting and maybe someday they will get a real trained investigater.

And yes. Stop Breeding ---- maybe if some of you will realize you won't make any money off it you'll stop. That's called let the market decide. I love to hear "Ain't no money in horses any more". Good maybe Joe Idiot will not breed his mare to his "wonderful" stud. Slaughter buyers don't want the old and thin. They want fat and healthy! We don't eat horsemeat here - let the French slaughter their own horses. We need to stop the transporting of our horses to Canada and Mexico also.
People can't even pay their mortgages, because fuel bills and everything else has gone through the roof- you think people are starving their horses- for the fun of it- you obviously are VERY YOUNG- people also have children and families that come first and foremost. The rules and lives have changed- people are doing all they can. HOW dare you be SO narrow minded and naive. Horses are unfortuneately at the bottom when it comes to keeping a roof over your childrens head. What more punishment could there be then to watch your children have to live on the street because of all the greedy people in Washington and the judgemental people like you.
I think that horse owners should have to have licenses to own horses and held accountable for their care  and feeding. Some thing like a drivers license, where you have to take a test, be knowlegeable and punished for  infractions of the "privelege" of owning an animal.


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