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Everyone is aware of the dilemma that faces horses today. Many of them have lost their homes because owners simply weren't able to take care of them due to job and family hardships. I'd like to create a post on our website of the various "local" Horse Rescue websites. If you know of any sites please reply back to me with the website address and the "type" of horses they rescue. I will accumulate them and post them here for everyone. I hope you are able to rescue an equine BFF, and live happily ever after. :-)

Lastly, if you would like to "donate" a horse, I will be happy to include that as well.

Cheers and happy trails,
Mike Murphy
Bellaterra Ranch
Franklin, TN

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lastchancecorral.org- in Ohio--rescues all kinds of horses and has a special program for rescuing nurse mare foals. One of the saddest results of horse racing --and least recognized--are the nurse mare foals. This organization has been around a long time and is well run and legitimate. Check them out. Foal season is coming!
Hi there, earlier in the year since I run my own business www.heartlandhorsesale.com I am a broker I guess you can call me that. lol. Anyways I love horses but I had gotten way to many to try to sell and
(I didn't bring them home I didn't own them I was selling them for other people.) there were 2 in particular that werent going to sell they were gaited horses one was a 15.1 overweight spotted saddle horse crossed with a draft horse cause she had these huge legs and she was over weight. Well she was 16 years old I knew not many people would want a 16 year old horse. I liked her undersaddle she was a great smooth fast mare and she neck reined that was a plus for me. The owner let me bring her home for a trial because I was thinking about buying her I had the vet come out and do a prepurchase exam on her and we found out she had cushings disease (she looked like a wooly mamouth). I called the owner and told her and she cried and said I could have her at first I was thinking oh great I will love this mare until death but the meds were eating a whole in my wallet and I realized a few months later I wasn't going to be able to keep her myself . There is a rescue in Greenville that not only rescues horses but they rescue children. It is a boys and girls home for orphaned wards of the state. It is a very beautiful place and they get vet care much cheaper than me and there vet seems to be really great. So I Donated Ana to them because I knew they would be able to get some enjoyment out of her and afford the medication because I couldn't put her into a bad situation. The other horse though she was young and spooked of the world owned by 2 people who didn't want her because she wasn't kid broke like the people had claimed but they never offered to get their children lessons eaither so I don't guess the kids will ever be a broke as the horse. So anyways I ended up giving her to a trainer the owners called me a week after I had taken her on and said "honestly we don't want this horse we can't wait for her to sell and we will deliver her anywhere just say where and she is there. So I gave them an address" When Anabelle came she was a sweet horse but very nervous and very jumpy at things she was 5 years old but hadn't been exposed to much if any of the world. She was a moody mare and defenantly needed to go to someone with training abilities. So I gave her to a TWH trainer in cookville who said that she could train anything. I hoped for the best when I did this but it was before I had found the place in greenville and had they had a trainer who worked with the horses I would have given them both ana and annabelle. So if anyone is thinking about donating some good riding horses because they can no longer feed them please contact me and the place in greenville will send you a donation slip for the amount of money the horse maybe worth within reason and you can count it off on 2010 taxes. The way this place works is the horses have a kid and the kid has a horse the kids are taught to groom them and take care of them and they get to go on trail rides as a reward. They try to do things with the kids and horses that will be a learning experiance and they have a very nice place there will always be food. So if interested anyone let me know
Manda, I just posted a Forum titles "HELP: Young boy in need of a horse". Can you please read it and help this family out if possible.

Cheers and happy trails,
Sure I can try I was reading that just a second ago I will see what I can find. I know I have seen lots of quarter saleing cheap but not gaited horses, for some reason they are selling strong and especially ones broke like what she wants I was wondering what her price range was and if she would consider a quarter. Because I know lots of good quarter horses for kids that can get up and go but wont until asked and could possibly get her one for 700 or less, and have it delivered (I could probably work it out so the horse is delivered with no fees but can't make any promises I will email her and talk to her though.
Mike I was reading you thread and I'm glad to know that there are places out there for horses and kids to be loved.
I'm looking for a nice well broke Quarter horse, doesn't matter the age. I'm wanting something that my husband can ride. He's going on 64. He's a good rider but "does'n't bounce" anymore. We're basically looking for something that would be considered "kid broke", so that I will be able to ride it too. We can't pay a lot for one but we can promise to give it lots of love and attention and good care. I've got a Quarter horse Gelding right now.
What we want is something that we can go on trail rides together. Not looking to win any races, just want to go at a nice leisurely walk and maybe a slow trot sometimes, also something that we can take to our local Saddle Club Fun shows and just have fun enjoying a "babies". If you could help us it would be really great.

Horse Haven of TN in Knoxville. I have two from them - one adopted and one fostering which I will probably end up keeping. Their web site is www.horsehaven.net or www.horsehavenoftn.com. Nina does cruelty investigation training. Most of their horses are cruelty seizures. I see they have posted about Jeph.
I have one here in east TN called Mustang Alley Horse Rescue, Inc. www.mustangalley.org

Kathy Grant Pres/CEO
Mustang Alley
Greeneville, TN
We (Almost Home) rescue horses on a space available basis. We are located in Rutherford County.


We still have 4 of the Cannon County horses, also a young grade QH gelding, and an OTTB. We try to act as a "go between" between people looking for a certain horse, and owners needing to surrender. So if you have specific wants, let us know and we can usually find it (be reasonable though, horses that are worth alot of money generally do not make it to rescue).

Volunteer Equine Advocates in located in the Gallatin area: http://www.vea-tnhorserescue.org/

Be careful when donating or surrendering to a rescue, some are NOT legit. Ask for veterinary references, and also ask to visit their main facility or foster home. If they refuse either, do NOT work with them.
Mustang Alley Horse Rescue, Inc, just got in 28 Tennessee Walking Horses.  All but 1 are mares.  One is a stallion.  All registered.  None are saddle trained.  These came from middle TN where a 92 year old man has been breeding these for 60 years.  He finally realizes that he can no longer care for them and the daughter surrendered some.  They all need groceries and trained.  Most have been broodmares.  Most are around 4-11 years old.  Some older, some younger.  Beautiful lines and beautiful horses.  Blacks with white blazes, sorrels with white blazes.  You can see their pictures on Facebook under my account Kathy Grant, Greeneville, TN  All horses are $200 ea. with their registration papers.  Call to make a time to come out and see them 423-552-5988. Please visit our website at www.mustangalley.org


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