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There is a horse missing in the are of Cottonwood Patch campground, west side of Cohuttas, north Georgia at the Tennessee boarder.  I received the following email:


7 yo TWH gelding, 15 hands, dirty grey with a smattering of red roan in the undercoat, black markings on his front legs and mane, white stockings on the rear, a dull red vertical stripe spprox 8 inches on his left shoulder about 4 inches below the withers. 

Again, thank you for any help you can give me.

Roger Robinson

Home phone:  770-599-6070

Cell phone:   770-468-6805

email:   robinson8033@bellsouth.net

Thank you,

Martha Fillingham

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Have you notified the forest service?  We ride up there quite a bit but haven't been up there in a month or so. 

Thank you for your help.  He was found this morning (21st).  He wandered up to a cabin a few miles from Cottonwood Patch.  The owner had heard about him and called me.  Thanks for your help in getting the word out.  He seems to be fine, I can't find anything wrong with him (just lost a few pounds).  Again Thank you.




Not meaning to pry....okay, well, maybe just a little bit, but how did the horse manage to elude you?

Is his name Houdini?

I'm really happy you found him, it would worry me to no end if it were mine.

Good news indeed!


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