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My wife and I are considering a move to Murfreesboro near the junction of Old Salem and New Salem Rd. We are looking for a family style place to board our two Spotted Saddle Horses...not looking for a fancy stable, just somewhere within 15 miles or so where they will be well cared for, that will give us the option of coming out to feed them if we want. Any ideas anyone? Looking for pasture board with run in shelters...thanks.

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In driving the backroads around Murfreesboro generally to the north and northeast I have seen several signs for horse boarding in places that look like they'd be like that. Just someone with extra pasture space. Might find the same to the west although I haven't wandered around on that side much. Just have to explore the backroads and watch for signs, ask at local hangouts, little country eatin places or convenience stores.


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