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I have seen many problems with hoof maintenance in weather like this and I thought maybe we could share some ideas? 


Obviously, a horse standing in wet weather knee deep in mud has to have some issues for the hoof. The constant wetness over hydrates the hoof and soft tissues become softer. Soles become soft. Frogs cannot engage the ground anymore and they atrophy. Nutrition and hoof maintenance are now more than ever more important. During the winter the body robs from the hoof for nutrition. Just cleaning the hoof and letting air get to it has great benefits. Heels and toe are not wearing as they normally would and must be trimmed. 

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I can't speak for everyone else but I am sick of all the mud!
We use a biotin supplement year round. If you have a space (ie. barn) keep them in once, or twice a week after cleaning off the mud. pick feet as often as possible to prevent thrush, use thrush treatments like copper-tox that are water proof. Hoof hardeners are also an option. We also use diaper rash creme around and above the coronet band to help keep "some" of the moisture out. I am sure my wife has more , but I am letting her sleep late this AM.

YES we are SICK of mud too !!!!!
I absolutely LOVE TN but my friend and I were talking yesterday about needing to head west...maybe Arizona or NM? LOL Can hardly wait till better weather.
Blessings, Linda
Is there any place in TN that does not have the mud problem? Growing up in FL, when we thought of TN we thought of the mountains. I didn't realize that there was so much red clay! My husband has agreed to move from here as long as we stay in this state (which I really do like). Does everyone have the mud and rocks?


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