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Have been riding barefoot horses for years, but I have one that is more tender footed. Want to get hoof boots for him. Any advise or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! =D

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I have used just about every boot and always ended up losing them till I tried old mac's G9 check them out

Will do, thanks!

I've rode barefoot with front boots for about 1500 East Tennessee trail miles.

My first pair were easy boot epics....they were fine but I lost them twice, both times at a gallop.

Every September I buy Miss Lacy a new pair of Renegades as they're much easier to put on and I've only had one come off in 5 years......believe it or not, it was at the Chickamauga battle field....and the sticky, red, Georgia mud was about knee deep....

We've rode in the Cherokee....Cohutta's.....Big South Fork..Great Smokey Mountains.etc in them...about 400 miles a year....so try the Renegades!

Thanks so much for the advice!

I am trying to get in touch with Nora Miller about barefoot trimming and I can't pull up classified ads on here. Do you know her # so I can give her a call? Thanks

Sorry, I don't know her.



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