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Hoof Boots... Looking for suggestions, recommendations, etc.

Our horses are currently shoe-less because we didn't plan on riding while it is so hot anyway.  Now, we are considering leaving them that way and purchasing hoof boots to use when we do want to ride. 

I am interested in any feedback and recommendations on what brands/types you feel are best.

Thank you.


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It all depends on the shape of your horse's hooves.  When you put the boots on they should not move at all if you try to twist them.  My horses could not wear the Renegades even though I like how they look.  I have a pair of gloves, Gen 2, and Epics for my guys.  I have been using the Epics more lately.  When I put them on I use a little mallet to tap them in real good.



Renegades-easy to use if they fit properly AND you keep your horse trimmed-if you want to go 6-8 weeks between trims this is not the boot for you.I have noticed my barefoot gaited horses gait much better on a 4 week trim cycle-and lately have been growing so much hoof they have need touch ups at 3 weeks ( and yes they are  ridden barefoot, the Renegades are for back up purposes if they act sore, and I do test ride 8-12 miles in them to make sure they fit and the horse has some experience in them)

Sharon is RIGHT!  It all depends on the shape of your horse's hooves so read reviews on what feet they fit best.  You can't really go wrong with any of the boots if they fit!   Oh and I have Easycare Edges for my two guys and they work WONDERFUL for me!   Never had them come off, even in deep mud!  Fit is everything!


Thanks again everyone for all your input.  This will really help!



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