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Hoof Boots... Looking for suggestions, recommendations, etc.

Our horses are currently shoe-less because we didn't plan on riding while it is so hot anyway.  Now, we are considering leaving them that way and purchasing hoof boots to use when we do want to ride. 

I am interested in any feedback and recommendations on what brands/types you feel are best.

Thank you.


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I love my Gloves.  My mare, Jet, doesn't need boots.  She has good feet and a great trim.  We purchased Jula last fall, with shoes tacked on awful feet, so I knew we needed a good boot.  With power straps on, they stay on even at a gallop, through mud, through water.  They're wonderful, and we have ridden as much as 25 miles in a day with no rubs.
I  love the gloves too but have trouble keeping them on at a gallop
Add the power straps - they are like $4, and a huge improvement.

I did,maybe needs adjustment


I am sold on the Easy Boot Gloves also the gators give you added stay on power, would also recommend the power straps makes them a little more snug.  My farrier had samples of some others these were cleaner looking with no moving parts like some of the others.  There is a little learning curve getting them on the first couple of times, baby powder was suggested until you get it down.  I would also have your farrier do the sizing for you, good luck :-)
I bought the Easy Boot Edge. My gaited horse's feet were in terrible shape from so much showing last summer that I decided to take his shoes off for a while. I have been using these boots all year and have even shown at a local saddle club in them due to the fact that their arena is a little rough. They are easy to put on and off. They are tough also. They have a great key system that allows you to snug them up for a tight fit. You can walk up to him with a boot and he will pick his foot up, he knows what they are for!

I have a pair of the Edge's and the Cavello's.  I love the Edges but my horses hooves are too wide so the Cavello Simple boot works amazing for my Gelding.  we can to through mud and everything and they never have come off.

I use Renegades if I need boots at all. Took 2 different horses to a clinic recently on rocky footing-both were barefoot and did fine while shod horses were limping and riders dismounting every few minutes to pull rocks out of their feet. These horses also regularly are trail ridden completely bare on all sorts of footing. I think Renegades are easy to put on and I don't hear about rubs from other users like I do with Easy Boots. Plus they are made in the USA!

Renegades or the Gloves would be what I suggest you check into.  Easycare also has a new boot called the Trail something or 'nother that is getting positive reviews.  A correct trim is the most important thing to consider, balanced to the sole and coronary band, beveled walls and no sole removal.


Good luck and let us know what you decide on.


Thanks to all of you for the great feedback.  Definitely helps to hear from those who have experienced them.


I use the easy boot glove. Really like them a lot...no rubbing, no hardware and have not ever had one come off.

Hi Melinda,

I'm kind of new to this site so I do not know many people on it.  My horses are all barefoot but are on moderately soft pasture so they need boots, front and back, if I ride where it is rocky.  I have four pairs of easy boots with the gaiters and they are good.  But I have had problems with the gaiters tearing and the buckles breaking.  So I bought some Renegades.  Much better boot and easier to put on and take off.  I have used them on more than ten rides and you can hardly tell they have been used.  My farrier, Jim Apple, carries samples with him to fit the horse with the correct size and whether the back edge needs to be trimmed on the front boots.  Either is a good choice but the Renegades are the best.


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