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Help needed. Several years ago Trail Rider Magazine did an article on a canyon in Arizonia. It was likened to a small version of the Grand Canyon. There was a name of a facility there where you could board your horses and camp in your trailer while exploring the canyon...well, time has passed and if I had the sense to save the information I have forgotten where I put it...does anyone know anything about this canyon and where to stay...Thanks in advance. Vicki

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I love Canyon de Chelly and also like you want to take my horse there and ride. I lived in Arizona for 5 years and this is definitely a place I want to go back to with my horses. The ride in Canyon de Chelly is guided by the indians (Navajo I think) whose reservation the Canyon is on. If I am remembering correctly you can do a overnite ride or just a day ride but you can't just ride into the canyon by yourself without a guide. You also have to pay for your guide and you can bring your own horse or rent one of theirs. I know there are motels in the town from the canyon itself, as for your horse where you'd keep it, let me do some looking through my information I have upstairs and I'll get back with you. I can't remember if you can keep your horses there at the head of where the trails start or not, there may be a campground there (just can't remember). Rhonda
One other thing, don't take horses shod with shoes that have a caulk on them to that part of the Country to ride. They can injure themselves because the ground is so hard. No one out in AZ has caulks on their horse shoes for that reason.
Ok, got my information in front of me. Go to this web site www.nps.gov/cach and go to outdoor activities. This will list a phone # where you can call and find out prices to ride through the canyon and they can tell you if you can camp there with your horse also. The nearby town is Chinle, AZ. I stayed there in a Best Western. There were a couple other hotels next door also. It's wild, there are cows and goats and horses that roam free on the streets here since it's open range land. I also have a brochure from a place called Totsonii Ranch (www.totsoniiranch.com (928) 755-6209 that does horseback tours at Canyon de Chelly. They offer guided horseback tours, not sure if this is on their horses or yours are welcome, but I'd say they can tell you what services in the area are offered by other people as well if you want to bring your own horse. Take lots of film, & sunscreen.......the sun is intense and the scenery breath taking!
Thank you so very much for the info. I will follow up on it this afternoon. We are leaving on June 15 for Quemado Lake NM. We try to make it out west once a year with the horses...this year we are going back in October so it will be a 2 trip year. We have a cabin there. I had read about the canyon in a write up that Trail Rider Magazine did a few years ago and then talked to a friend who lives in Sedona...who is a pilot by the way...we are thinking this may be the year to head NW on the way home. If I can get the paperwork submitted and approved then it still may be "doable". Thanks again for all your help


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