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My husband, who has his masters in Supervision and Administration and is working on his specialist cannot find a job in this area. All of the replies to his resumes are from Texas and out west. Anyway, the gist of the post is, I cannot go with him yet because I was just accepted into the College of Education at MTSU, as well as a few other familial reasons. I am looking at moving onto the campus at MTSU, but will need a place to keep a couple of horses in the Murfreesboro area. I will have a mare and foal and another mare. I will be competing on the MTSU equestrian team, but not with my horses. I can work in exchange for boarding, but cannot afford the $250 a month board per horse that is charged. I am an experienced trainer, colt starter, and can give lessons. I will clean stalls, cut hay, I owned my own fencing and barn repair business and will have many of those tools to work with as well for repair work. If you know anyone or are interested please email me at terilynne3@yahoo.com. I only have about 2 years left or less, depending on how my courses fall. I will also have a 13 going on 14 yr old son that can do work for board as well. I will supply all of my own feed and take care of my horses. I do not have cribbers or destructive horses, as I can leave my two mares out without fencing and they do not stray, but stay around the barn. I have tack I would like to be able to keep there as well, but if not, I will keep on campus with me.

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I am bumping this to keep it active. I can do minor veterinary services as well. Trim hooves, will work with cattle. I am just looking for some pasture board. I have 30 squares bales I will be bringing, my own grain bin holders, buckets and if needed, watering trough. I have everything, including a barn refrigerator I can put out at the barn if there is electricity for all to use. I can manage a barn, incoming and outgoing expenditures, etc. I have ran offices before and have been around horses since I was 4 years old. Please call me at 931-307-9360. I have to find a place for them by end of July.
Teri, Is Shelbyville too far away from Murfreesboro.
It depends on how often I will have to drive and what part of Shelbyville. But it is certainly a possibility.
You might want to contact Womack or McGregor Stables in Murfreesboro and ask them if they know of anyone. They are big walking horse farms.
I'm sorry I can't help with your boarding issues, but good luck with MTSU's Eq. Team. I competed against them for 3 years, and they are very good. They have excellent horses and the facilities they use for competitions... wow- I could live there.
Too bad they want $300 a mo per horse for board. I can't even begin to afford that. Thank you and they do have very nice facilities.


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