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What are the going hay per bale prices for timothy in tennessee. Robin in Florida.

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We bought orchard grass square bales from local farmers for about $3.75 - $4.25 last year, alfalfa for about $6.50 through the Farmers Coop Store.
Hi Mike, thanks for your response. I 'm in Florida and paying 19.00 a bale (60-70 lbs) for orchard alfalfa and 39.90 for 120 lb bales of timothy. I'm going broke feeding these horses. I will expediate my move to Tennessee. Robin.
Wow, that's amazing. I've heard stories like that but never believed them. You might recover your relocation costs in one year of hay bills. Please bring me a bale of that expensive hay, my horses have never tasted such high priced stuff. ;-)
Hi Mike, it is true about the hay prices. The farm I manage is between Gulfstream Park and Calder race course and there are only 2 feed companies in the area. So they gauge the prices to the racetrack trainers. Hay companies up north of here do not ship this far for the smaller farms. The hay comes on rail cars, but only to the 2 feed stores. I woud have to rent a semi, but I don't have enough storage, plus the heat, humitity and rain makes the hay go bad if you don't use it up in a couple of weeks. Oh, it probably tastes the same as the hay in Tennessee. Robin.
if you need a good Realtor call me. I keep up on land for sale. Barbara
I have 6.5 acres in Altamont, would trade for something closer to Franklin.
I moved here last year from Davie Florida (south florida) and I was amazed at the cheap hay prices here!!!! When I left Florida I was paying over 15 a bale. I know since then it has gone up since I still have a horse there that I feed. I am so happy to see reasonable hay prices here. It is soooo affordable. They make it very hard to have horses down in Florida. Most of our hay got shipped in from up north so it was so expensive. We did have some pretty nice hay but still, it was OVER PRICED!!! There was no such thing as giving your horse free choice hay!!! LOL
yeah, I travel on business, and y'all in FL have it tough on hay prices.
Ask your hay supplier if he has had his hay tested. Usually cheap hay ain't good-and good hay ain't cheap.
I have a local supplier providing me with a hybrid Bermuda grass hay and he tests his hay. I pay more than average but the quality is worth it!
AHA! Another reason not to move to Florida (besides heat, humidity, fire ants, hurricanes, tourists, alligators, scorpions, and wild pythons)!
Wild pythons? are they worse than the timber rattlers? Been bitten by a scorpion, it's like getting stabbed while getting an electric shock at the same time, then you get sick.


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