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A friend in Illinois bought my Armed and Innocent mare and wants to breed her to a Generator stud. Does anyone have any names that she could contact regarding shipping semen to her?


Wanda Powers

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I am not sure what type names you are wanting but the stallion owner or farm who collects the semen should know who ships it. I bred a mare by A.I. once and the stallion owner took care of shipping for me, I just had to tell them the vets address where to ship it to. She may contact a big farm in IL who does this type thing and ask them if the stallion owner is no help. I can tell you this, it's a royal pain and more expensive than breeding normally, and my experience is I wouldn't do it again.
I am just looking for breeders who have the Generator line stallions. She asked me to see if I could get some names she could contact. She will have a vet administer the semen. I have a friend who collects and ships Quarter Horse semen all the time and never has a problem. Sorry you had such a problem with this. I have other friends who have used this method and liked it.
I didn't have a problem, I just thought it was more expensive than live breeding and not worth the extra expense. I wasn't sure what you were asking in your original post. http://www.twhbea.com/voice/StallionDirectory.aspx This link is to the stallion directory on TWHBEA's web site. Without knowing what exactly you are breeding for (pleasure, show, trail, etc.) and your price range it's hard to give names of stallions. I can tell you I have a gelding (he's the one I'm on in my picture) who is a Generator grandson. Not sure if his sire is still breeding or not. He had some nice, friendly offspring though and his name is Glory's Mighty Generator. TWHBEA would probably tell you his current owner and place of residence - he was in Ky. but not sure he is still there.
Thanks. It is not for me but the lady I sold my mare to. She would probably trail ride and maybe do some showing at the local shows. Nothing big like the Celebration. I will send this to her and she can find one she likes. I really appreciate it. Since she is in Chicago she would probably need it shipped to her and she can have her vet take it from there.
Dusty, The horse is really nice. She looks a lot like my mare I sold except that she is a little smaller. Main reason I sold her - she was a pretty good size. Have you ever been to Bucksnort Trail Rude? I have been going twice a year for many years and it is really nice. If you ever decide to ride there let me know and maybe we can meet. Their first ride is the end of April through May 1. You can check them out on their website if you are not familiar with them. I am hoping to get some riding in this year, last year was a complete bust as my husband had two major surgeries and grounded me. I really need to get them going.




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