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Hey Y'all,
I have been a member here since nearly the beginning of this forum, but I think this is my first post. I generally read all the posts added nearly every day and just would like to say that I have enjoyed reading others comments and learning from the many wise people here.

Now to my question: What in the world is a gaited saddle? More specifically, why would a saddle be different for a gaited horse vs. a non-gaited horse?

I have a QH mare, but may consider a gaited horse in the future. I know that there are other factors to consider (good saddle fit) when using the same saddle on different horses. I just want to have all the information in case I decide to make a purchase.

By the way, I live in Smyrna, TN (Almaville/Rocky Fork area). If any men or couples (my wife doesn't ride - yet) in this area would like to go for a local ride some time on a Sunday or Monday, contact me.

I look forward to your replies. Thanks in advance.
God bless,

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hey. the tree for a gaited saddle is designed specifically for a gaited horse. quarter horses have a broader back and their withers do not sit up as high. your gaited breeds are generally narrower than quarter horses.
Gaited horses generally have more shoulder movement than trotting horses and if the flare in front of the saddle is not sufficient to allow for this, you will not get optimal gait from your horse. That said, just because someone claims to sell a "gaited horse" saddle does not mean it will fit all gaited horses.
Something else to consider is where you like your leg-many gaited riders have their feet more "in front" of their own hip and shoulder and many "gaited" saddles have stirrups set forward to accommodate this. If you like to ride with your legs more centered under you, be sure you check that out as well.
I have gaited and trotting horses, 1 "gaited" saddle and a couple saddles that are not specifically marketed as gaited but my horses do great with them. If you ever ride at Percy Warner or the Natchez Trace trails let me know and I'll meet you with the "gaited"saddle.


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