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i have heard that there will be a charge of 20.00 a person to enter. that would be fine if the person was riding or using the ring was being charged. but say they are the driver for a the young child who does not ride. i feel that if you are going into the ring than you need to pay just like in a show. maybe a flat rate per vehical say 10.00 and whoever goes into the arena payes extra. that is my idea, because if you have a family of 4 and only one rides that would 80.00 only one person riding.

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Nope, this event is listed in Events. There is NO admission cost to watch. There is an 18 class fun show (all breed) and obstacles will be set up to practice on. If you want to show it is one flat fee of $20 for the whole day per person. So if you have 4 horses but only one rider you still only pay $20. But if you have one horse and two riders you have to pay for each rider.
SSHBEA Sport Horse is sponsoring this instead of our normal clinic and funday event. We dont normally make much at these events after we pay for the arena.
Hope that clears that up
thank you for the clear up i was hearing things from diffrent people i new someone will let me no thanks
Hey, I'll be there! I went to one two years ago and had a blast!
do you think that if it rains that they will still have it
Yes it's covered, like a roof, no sides. It's supposed to be a real nice arena. It should stop raining tomorrow afternoon around 3, but I'm hoping its nice all day! :)
yea it is nice i live pretty close to it.its just the parking is in the grass didn;t want any one to get stuck. i have heard from the weather that it might get bad weather as in wind. i guess someone will let us know by tonght maybe they wouldn't start until 3:00 instead of 10:00to let the stom pass. or it might come throught tonight that would be nice.


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