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I am going to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to help with a free summer camp for the Native children. I am in charge of the horsemanship part of the program. I am leaving here on June 1. I have 2 but need 1 more horse. Wish list: under 15h, under 10 yrs, gentle and sweet with children, prefer gaited also. This horse can be donated through my ministry; Gaits to Heaven. It is a 501c3 so donations are tax deductible. I am leaving the horses at the camp so that I can travel back and forth more easily. Anyone who is interested in coming to help for a week or so at a time let me know and we'll talk. This is the first year for the camp so we will be sleeping in a teepee and using shower house.

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I have a horse I'd like to talk to you about. sherylhowell@comcast.net
Just bumping this up. I still have not found a third horse for the children and I am leaving on June 1.

I have a friend that has a gelding that she is looking to give away; she doesn't ride him enough to make up for all of the money she spends on feed and board. He is a little older than 10 (say 15? no papers), he is gaited, but, I'm assuming because of a long past leg injury (he is completely sound and has been since she bought him years ago), his gait is a little weird and unpolished. He is a wonderful trail horse, trailers well, is a relatively easy keeper, and has good ground manners. The only bad thing about him is that sometimes he gets a little excited (feeding time, wanting to run after other horses, etc- normal horse excitement), but listens well without having to lay a hand on him. 

If you want more info, please call me at 931-374-1288. He's currently located in Martin, TN.

Laura, my friend Dawson would like to come try the horse tomorrow, Monday. That is the only day this week he can get away from the radio station. He said he called and left you a message. If you did not get it call me and I will give you his number. 931-840-6107


I got back with him. I found out Sunday that the horse has been spoken for, but I told him that I am going to keep on the lookout for another horse that might work for him.

Thank you so much Laura. Since I have not found one I am just going to take another of mine. That will give me 2 big boys but that will be ok. I may have two quarter horses coming from a friend in TX the end of June so it will work out.

Blessings and best to you and your husband.


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