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The Fountain Creek trail was in place when the Federal Government gave the land to the state of Tennessee.  It was to be  a multi-purpose recreational area and wildlife management area.  In my opinion, it is breaking the contract between the Federal Government and the state of Tennessee to close the trails.  It is a shame more riding areas are being closed.  I have hunted and have current license but TWRA is being Very selfish to close a riding area.  Yanahli is not a quota hunt area and can't be according to the terms of accepting the land.  Since Yanahli is open with statewide hunting,  Fountain Creek riders are losing the right to ride approximately six months of the year.

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The Fountain Creek trail was opened in 1999.  Tennessee accepted the land from Federal Government on 8-1-2001.  !5 or 16 years later TWRA changes the rules.


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