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Hey, Does anyone know if there is hunting at Fountain Creek, and if so what are the dates? It is the closest trail to our home, Lewisburg, so we can get in a ride before school lets out. Thanks

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You can ride there during hunting season, you have to wear orange, so the hunter's can see you! I'm looking for weekday rider's to ride with, I ride at Fountain Creek often. If you need a riding partner send me a message on this website, thanks. Audrey Rody

hey Audrey, Thanks for the offer. We would very much like to ride with you. Next decent day I will message you and we can make plans to ride. Thanks much, Marsha

That would be great!

Hi Audrey, We want to ride at Fountain Creek Monday,  suppose to be upper 60's,weather is suppose to get pretty chilly til the end of the week, do you think you could meet us there? Thanks, Marsha

I didn't see this message till today at 5:55 pm....sorry! I don't get on TTR website that often, here's my email address: Audrey.rody@hotmail.com maybe I will get your messages better this way? Thanks!


That's ok, we rode at our place for a couple of hrs. Post the next time you are going to ride or send me a message. Thanks


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