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Hi, I have 2 horse both on 11% sweet feed for past 10 yrs. ...one of our horses was lame this week, after calling vet... he said No grain at all 1 wk.... and to change his feed ... low starch, low sugar, He is about 50 lbs over weight. ( I thought he was just right...if not thin..)

we have very little grass, but suggested that we limit his grass too.  He said he has a Metabolic issue.  So today I went on the hunt for new food and found that a challenge.

Anyone help greatly needed.  My other horse is fine no issues they are 13 & 14 yrs old and like us they are in need of something different.  We trail ride only... and don't ride a lot, we try ride at least 1 day on the weekends more if we are lucky!

Thanks Connie

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Is just plain oats ok? My boyfriend has our feed formulated at a feed mill. It's across the KY state line. You may find one closer. They put what you want in it. We have very little molasses added. If you leave molasses completely out, they are slow to eat it at first. Also, It saves us about half of what we used to spend at Co-op. Adairville KY Feed Mill, Tel: 270-726-4510

Thanks Brenda,  my local feed company carries a blend... but it is very expensive... so I have been looking into Nutrena  - special care.  about half price with pre & pro biotic.  also soaking his hay.  I have been reading a lot about hay... and ours is the 1st cut this year pretty good hay ... probably too good... Thanks for your reply... :)

Hi, I am feeding Low Sugar feed by Purina I like the smell and you give less read the bag, 1000lb horse I am  giving him 3/4 a pound, will be cutting him back too and also hay. I normal buy grass hay, Timothy but now just Orchard grass.  Also Nutrena  has low starch food it's call Empower Balance read he bags for how much to give I think 1000 lb horse 2 cups that is half a pound. TSC, And it is loaded with salt. Pro and Pre biotic.  If your vet thinks your horse has Cushings I suggest looking up some info. At www.thehorse.com has loaded info about all that and what to feed in hay. And if you horse has very thick neck I also recommend getting Quiessence at Valley Vet it will get that fat out his neck. It's feed additive and it works.   If you can keep riding him and exercise him. My horse is 24 still going some I too not riding him enough. Lucy Eastman


Whew... I found a Nutrena feed... special care... my local tsc does not carry it, but they are going to try and order it.  I like the pro & pre biotic in it.   No cushings, but he is lame right now, vet said mild case so we are hoping that changing feed will have him sound.  I am soaking his hay too.  Our hay is grass hay, with some orchard & timothy... but a lot of fescue.    Had not heard of Quienssence ... thanks I will look that up.  He does have big neck.   Thanks for your help :)


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