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would like to thank everybody that came out and supported the lincoln country horsemans association last weekend at our show. we had a really good turn out. also would like to hear your feedback whether it be good or bad about the show, judge, class sheet, ect. thanks again

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My granddaughter showed there and we had a good time. She showed her new quarter pony as well as her spotted saddle mare. She gaited around the barrels, which was new for her! My only suggestion would be to divide the kid's classes more according to age. Usually most shows have an 11 and under class, and a 12-17 class. It's kind of hard for a 7 year old to compete against a 17 year old. I know the point is to have fun and she did! The head shake and non head shake was a little confusing but once it was explained I understood. We hope to be back next year.
I didn't come primarily because with most of the classes saying no head shake there wasn't anything left to show in and didn't feel it was worth the trouble for just 1 class. Also wasn't sure if barrels was gaited, or for quarter horses. It would be nice to have a barrel & pole class for each.......so a walking horse or gaited horse didn't have to compete against a quarter horse. I agree with Alice also they should be split by age group.
i appreciate yalls input. the main reason we didnt have the classes split better by age was because the last show we didnt have hardly enough kids period to even show. but we had a lot better turnout this time so at our next meeting i will try to get something done about that. we are gonna try to get the barrels and poles back for gaited horses....had alot of people wanting that, and like earlier...the last show we had 1 person run them and that why we dropped that...i really appreciate yalls feedback and if u have any suggestions for classes or anything else feel free to let me know...thats the only way we can make it better is feedback...if all goes well we are gonna try to start having these shows alot more often. thanks


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