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there will be a country boy show july 11th in fayetteville at the fayetteville show grounds.

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Which show grounds are you talking about? Also will you be posting a class sheet?
I'm looking for a place to ride for a week-end near Huntsville, Al. Is't Huntsville about 30 miles south of you.
My daughter is coming north from Macon, Ga and I'm coming south to meet her somewhere. Her husband is going to be a a two day meeting and we want to find a place to ride and stable two horses for two or three nights. Are there any commercial stables with riding areas in your part of the state? Thanks, Bob Bright, Lebanon, TN
Hey Bob,
Circle E Guest Ranch near Winchester TN is a great place to camp and ride. Its just north of Huntsville AL. Also near Moulton AL is a smaller horse camp called K C Ranch. Both places have websites.
My friends own a farm in Lewisburg that do overnight stabling and there are trails nearby you can ride on. For more information go to www.risinggloryfarm.com They have an apartment attached to the barn you can overnight in, and it's a nice upstairs apartment w/kitchen, etc.
Is this going to be same as the show that was held about a week or two ago there? Did they even have a show, I drove over only saw a couple trailers & horses so came home. Was just curious.....I will look at their web site & see if anything is posted.
well we went to that one as well and it was a total dissapointment...the guys who set it up told us that if we wanted it better then we had to help with it...so we are goin to try to have a good show this time....
can you post a class list?


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