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we are going to big south fork next weekend and want to go to the eye of the needle.

does anyone know the best place to ride from to get there?

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Jackie Honey Creek camp is not to far from the eye,hope you have a safe and good ride.Bruce

It's a nice ride from Honey Creek, and it is such a great place to go.  Have a blast!
Bruce,thank you so much
tks we intend too!

Where are you staying? That makes a big difference on where you need to start riding from. You can ride out of several camps to get there but the ride may be longer or more challenging than you want.


we are staying at Timberridge but can  trailer there,can't we?

You can ride there from Timber Ridge but is a long ride. When you get there the hosts will take you to a good drop off place, just ask them. I usually ride down the O&W and then up the hill on the other side but I am sure your hosts will know the best way for you. Have a great time!


ok ty


yes, if you stay at Zenith Stables and Campground, the owner will drive you out close to it and you just ride back to camp. Last year we rode from Zenith to Eye of the Needle and back...was in the saddle 8+ hours, was almost 40 miles. He said all we had to do was ask, he doesn't mind taking any riders out to a drop point so you can see whatever sites you want without being out all day. We love staying at Zenith.

I've made this ride several times and it s only about and 3 or 4 hour ride and about 15 miles round trip. I' ve rode from Zenith campground and to the o and w railroad bridge and back and it was 23 miles round trip. We had a Gps.

we went to several other points that day....not just Eye of the Needle

Hi Jackie,

The stock trailer is there for your use and given enough advance notice I am sure I can get someone to go with you that knows that ride very well!!!  You know we are more than happy to get you to different trail heads.




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