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Does anyone know of any GOOD or GREAT Photographers who can do 2 day INDOOR events. Really needing someone who can handle action shots and the Calisonic Arena.


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Check out Bradley Dick.  He is really good and should be able to do that.  You can check out his work on his website www.bradleydick.com.  He did the PWHAT celebration at Calsonic but we used the outside covered arena.  It was REALLY dusty and we didn't have access to the water truck to keep the dust down so don't hold that against him when you look at the pictures.

Linda Toups



She is just outside Chattanooga but is at the NATRC convention today in Nashville (2/12/11)-it as at Embassy Suites and they have several tack vendors open to the public

I recommend Anne Reed-Collie.  She was the photographer we used for our wine labels, see www.bellaterraranch.com. She lives in Franklin, TN, her phone number is (615) 948-5550. 
I am sure that the recommended photographers are very good, but I may be of help. Email me if you would like more information.
Bill, not sure how to pull emails off here, email me at sonora18@juno.com if you would like.

I'll throw my hat in the arena (pun intended)

If anyone has the need for an equine/livestock/pet photographer for your upcoming ride or event.

I am in West TN but cover a lot of TN and KY (and farther if needed)

you can check out my galleries at




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