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i am looking for a dentist for my aged stallion please send me recommendations. thanks

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My recommendation is not to use an equine dentist but to use your veterinarian.  Equine dentists are not trained for emergency situation, they are highly overrated and charge WAY too much!

i have used the local veterinarians previous to a dentist last visit. I am not satisfied with either. Can you suggest/recomend a mid TN vet?

I use Ron Johnson. He does a great job. His number is 615-708-0614.

I wouldn't pay him 2 cents to lay a hand on my horse and he never will.

ok, i know many are very happy with Ron but he is the one i had a bad experience with so i will continue to search.

Patty is Shelbyville, TN too far for you to travel?  I take my horses to a vet named Krista Gillam who floats them and I have one who needs it yearly.  She is very kind and will float your horse and clean his sheath for pretty much free while they are under the tranquilizer if they are male horses.

We have used Hope's equine dentistry and think she is great. Her # is (423)215-2308 Good luck.


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