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AERC, Endurance Ride up at Land Between the Lakes on Apr 5th and 6th. Has a 50 mile ride, 25 mile ride and 10 mile ride each day.


There is time to get your horse fit for the 25 mile ride, or ride in the 10 mile fun run which is a great way to get an introduction to the sport of endurance. It will include vet checks and T-shirt completion prizes and well marked trails (not the normal public ones but ones that are "off the beaten path Entry for Ride", so if you think you have ridden at LBL already this will show the many miles of trails that are unmarked).


LBL is a wonderful place to camp, there will be a field that you can put up a pen and camp with your horses, if you choose, or get reservations for campsite and stalls.


Volunteers are always needed too if you want:) Please contact me if you have any questions at all:)

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Also juniors are half price (must have sponsor rider with them).


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