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I just wanted to inform everyone that a positive case of EHM was diagnosed at the UT Vet Hospital in Knoxville on Sept. 16. The horse was euthanized. I do not know where the horse was transported from but there is a rumor going around that a barn in Clinton is in isolation. If anyone hears any more news on this, please share with us.

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I have a friend with a barn in Clinton, and they are being isolated because they had a UT vet there on a farm call.  There aren't any sick horses at her place, although they are taking temps twice a day to be sure everyone is healthy.  The vet school is on quarantine for a week.
The vet was at the Clinton barn for a case of thrush - nothing whatsoever related to the EHV.

The horse came from the Dixie Stampede in Sevierville, TN according to my vet.  Dixie Stampede and the UT vet hospital are currently quarantined.   Although the Dixie Stampede is pretty much a closed herd with minimal travel, a group of them may have recently traveled to an exhibition or something.   The state vet's office is investigating to determine those details. 

The best way to avoid exposure is to keep your horses at home and avoid contact with other horses.  Not what folks want to hear with fall trail riding time here! 

Yeah, the horse did come from Dixie Stampede. But it came from South Carolina a few months ago before it came to Dixie Stampede. The virus was probably already in the horses body, and was showing no signs of sickness until he became stressed. Yes, it was euthanized. UT and DS both were quarantined. 5 other horses at DS came down with it, but all were treated early enough, and it did not go to the brain and nervous system. Last I heard, they were all in remission from the virus. So the EHV-1 has been well taken care of here in TN. There is no vaccine for it, but I know there is one in the works. But there is a vaccine from Equine Herpes, which is always around. I hope everyone realized how important it is to vaccinate thier horses, epecially when they travel often or come into contact with other horses often.

I'd read on another bb a week or so ago that there were five horses in the Dixie Stampede herd that have EHV but didn't hear they were in remission.  That's good news.

I also did a quick google and it appears it's easily spread, airborne, contact, clothing.  Scary stuff imo if you ride with a large group of people, as you don't know where they've been and what they've been in close proximity to.


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