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Eastfork is a wonderful place to ride..however, it's no better or worse than any of the other facilities that are available in the Big South Fork area...so why the increase in price???? Seems that the managers/owners of the campgrounds should look very hard at their customer base. With the economy like it is, folks should be trying their best to keep the cost down. Circle E in Belividere is offering a long weekend ride the end of March that includes free stalls. The folks at Circle E apparently see the benefit of offering at least a few dollar break. The way I figure it, if I bring up two horses and have stalls free for three days...that savings can go toward gas to get there...and Circle E has tremendous riding available...so therefore, with a little creativity and a willingness on the part of the owners to put the rider first, we can all enjoy our passion.

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this is so true the big south fork has many awesome places to ride and east fork should look at the customer base and try to find ways like free stalls to help keep the customers cost down instead of such a big increase in price. could you tell me where circle e is located and do they have a website and do you know how far it is from knoxville, tn
YOU BET Vicky!!! Circle E is 3 hours from Knoxville..go south on 75 to 24 through Chattanooga to Winchester Exit and go about 30 miles or so to Highway 16 up the most beautiful mountain to the best time ever...Circle E's website is CircleEGuestRanch.com...the nicest people ever and fair as they can be. Think about coming the last weekend of the month, March 26-29...they are having a "Get America Riding" event...stalls are free and a free beans/taters/peach cobbler supper...also a Poker Run..should be a big time...come try it out!!! 931-962-1790...pammy
thanks for the info my husband and i will try to come that weekend. we have to try to get a friend to come with a extra horse because i only have the one but we are looking and maybe will have another horse by then.
sorry i haven't been able to make any rides since oct. my mom was diagnosed with oral cancer and it was in third stage and she lost her couragous fight friday april the third. she was only sixty two. i have been having a really hard time even though i know she is in heaven and not suffering it doesn't help the pain of lossing her any less. hopefully i will get to ride soon i think it would help me.
Vicky, so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. I know how hard it is to lose your mother at such an early age; mine died at age 61 of breast cancer. I miss her every day and she has been dead since 1993. Riding will help you tremedously. I just got back into horses shortly before my mother was diagnosed; I don't know what I would have done without them.

I know you don't know me, but know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this hard and trying time.
Do try to find the time to go for a ride, it will do you some good to be alone with your horse and yourself. You'll see if you give it a chance.
Yours kindly,
Vicky, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I lost my mom to lung cancer three years ago, she was 57. She went in for a biopsy, and died that night. I am so sorry for your loss. Make sure to take time for yourself, however you need it. Time will help. If I can help you anyway, let me know.


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