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Has anyone stayed at East Fork and if so are there better places to park a couple of lq horse trailers or is any good. Also how are the trails ( marked good and such) ? mike

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I SO wish Byron and I could go with you guys, Connie. It would be wonderful. But, work takes the fun out of a lot of things, huh? haha. If we came, we would only have a couple of days before we had to get back so Byron could load up and get ready for his trip to Kentucky to deliver the Freeflow walker for the Equestrian Team to use. It is just a little too far for no more time than that. Besides, on Wednesday I began 'subbing' in the lunchroom at one of our schools and have been there every day since and I was asked to work on Monday, as well. Anyway, hope you guys have a GREAT and SAFE trip. Think about us and take lots of pictures! Love you guys!
Me too! We will sure miss you guys. Love you too...
go to www.weather.com put in Jamestown, TN as the city and check the monthly forecast. It will give you the averages for any area you wish for the current and upcoming month.
Oct weather is usually purty nice, The winter rains usually don't set in till into November, and frosty weather is off and on. Sometimes we don't get a good freeze till Nov. The hardwood leaf color is at it's high.
This is my favorite place to ride! My husband and I always rent a cabin (he doesn't do the camping thing with me!). The trails are great! I've never ridden anywhere marked better then East Fork. Almost every fork has a sign that tells you "back to stables", and you always know where you're headed. I advise against the river ride, though! It is awful! We ride in rough stuff, but the river has these big round rocks for miles.....bigger than shot rock...I can't believe nobody twisted anything! We are going on October...and I can't wait! I also love the fact that it is private property. No State Park rules to follow. I promise, if you go, you will want to visit at least twice a year. I wish we could live there!!!!


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