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I like going to East Fork Riding Stables in Jamestown, Tn. but I am fully aggravated with them. After making a reservation with them and sending in the required deposit for their Kentucky Derby Ride in April, I received a phone call from them today stating that they had gone up another twenty dollars a person for the ride. This was going to make the ride cost over four hundred dollars for a three day ride for two people. I felt as though since I had been quoted a price for the ride and had agreed to it and had sent a deposit, that I had a binding contract with them. I expressed my anger to their representive and she said that many other people that she had contacted were also upset over the increase. East Fork already has one of the highest rates for camping anyway. How does anyone else feel about this? I guess I will just get my deposit back and go to Bandy Creek or Zenith and camp instead.

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no problem sara you were done wrong and i sometimes really want to voice my opinion sometimes to much maybe but things like this make me so mad and shouldn't be allowed to happen. yes i would join your posse just tell me how i'm new at this
hey guys i need to make a correction on the website for the great list of horse camps and places to ride all over tennessee it is
picktnproducts.org and then click on farm and animals and then you will click on equine and then i think it says trail guide click on it and it will give you all the trails and websites.
i sent a request to add you as a friend i think that is all i have to do thanks for the invite


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