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I like going to East Fork Riding Stables in Jamestown, Tn. but I am fully aggravated with them. After making a reservation with them and sending in the required deposit for their Kentucky Derby Ride in April, I received a phone call from them today stating that they had gone up another twenty dollars a person for the ride. This was going to make the ride cost over four hundred dollars for a three day ride for two people. I felt as though since I had been quoted a price for the ride and had agreed to it and had sent a deposit, that I had a binding contract with them. I expressed my anger to their representive and she said that many other people that she had contacted were also upset over the increase. East Fork already has one of the highest rates for camping anyway. How does anyone else feel about this? I guess I will just get my deposit back and go to Bandy Creek or Zenith and camp instead.

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i think this is all a crock i love east fork stables but have the last year looking for other places to ride because they just haven't just starting going up they have been going up and the pet fee in a campground is just crazy and a rip off to the customer and a additional fee that pads east forks pockets. they need to start looking at the customers comments because if alot of their customers start looking else where because of the price increase and stupid pet fees your in a campground get a clue. and for her not too honor the price you were quoted and got a confirmation for is POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE. things like this really makes me mad. the other places may not be as nice but maybe we should all start staying at the other places so east fork does have the monoply and maybe east fork will get the message on how to treat the customers. it would probably be a safe bet that they mostly have volunteers for the trail maintance.
Vicky, I was informed by the manager of East Fork that the pet fee is only if you are staying in one of their cabins. I am sorry that I misinformed everyone about this fee.

that is interesting because one time i called about staying in one of the cabins and they told me no pets inside the cabins maybe they have changed that since this fall. funny how it isn't stated that way on their web site it says all pets not just pets at the cabins. maybe management has see our comments i would like to see how many people were charged that pet fee that weren't staying in the cabins
Ok everyone.... Just wanted to let you know the final outcome about the East Fork discussion.
I got an email back from East Fork and they stated that would not honor my reservation agreement because it wouldn't be fair to the other 130 people that were also notified. They are also sending back my deposit. This is the last email that I sent them this morning........I hope that all of you understand why I was fighting this price increase.......

Thanks for refunding my deposit; I didn't expect for you to honor our agreement. I just wish that the other 130 people had requested their deposit back also. It is just time that people stand up for what is right. We have had enough price gauging and enough is enough. I am just standing up for myself and all of the other people out there........

FYI.....The email that I sent to you was dated Feb.19. I don't know why you didn't receive it until the 26th.

God Bless.

Sara Plemons
i totally understand and like i stated before that is just poor business practice maybe enough people will get the message and stop going to east fork me and about 10 other people were going to east fork in april for one of their rides but after i told them about this and the pet fee etc we are going to go to bandy creek or saddlevalley campground
It has been interesting reading all the replies to this discussion. We have ridden at a lot of the places mentioned. We like East Fork and do like the trails and have been riding there for the past 9 to 10 years, and it has really changed. They have almost priced us out of going. We now only go once or maybe twice a year where we used to go 5 or 6 times a year. We did the Luau last Fall which is the first organized ride we had done in about 2 years. Probably will not do an organized ride this year, too expensive. We stayed at True West once for the BBQ weekend which was good. Did not mind the barn or rules, but had more trouble leveling our trailer than any other campsite we have been in. You do have a long ride out to get to other trails, but the other couple we were with do not ride much and did not want a long hard ride, so that was OK. We have stayed at TimberRidge, but the only trail out was long and rough, they did improve that, but now they have closed. We have never stayed at SaddleValley, but my daughter is doing the No Pack, Pack In trip to try it. I'm just not into sleeping in a tent. We have stayed at Circle E many times and the folks that run it are super and very accomodating. A lot of the trails are difficult or challanging, but the scenery is gorgeous, creeks, streams, waterfalls, caves, overhangs, etc. The last time we were there we noticed they had redone some of the trails to make them easier. The campground, barns, bathhouse and dining hall are great. My only objection is the really bad fly problem. They have picnic tables, but you can't eat out because of the flys, and everytime you open the trailer door, ten more come inside with you. If we can remember, the next time we go we will take breeze box fans to see if that helps. The flys there are as bad as the gnats at Bandy Creek Stables. We have stayed at Bandy Creek many times and Bobby Gene and Gretta are great. The Bandy Creek Campground is very nice, you are just far from the stables. We have talked about trying Zenith, but have heard the trail out to other trails is not good.
We have also ridden at Loretta Lynn and Wrangler (LBL). This year we hope to go to some new trails in Alabama, Double Springs, Faye Whittemore, Cherokee, or Seven Springs. Anyboby been to any of these? We have been to Heart of Dixie, like it, but it is so far away.
I went to Faye Whittemore last May for the Best of America by Horseback ride. They had a great group of people there! The price was very reasonable (only $80.00 for the whole weekend!!). The bathhouse was small but clean. Most of the trails were beginner friendly with just a few spots that were steep (but not extremely steep). I didn't go on all the trails and they had cut some new ones that weren't open yet, but it was a very nice place. They had stalls in a converted chicken house (away from the campground) or they had picket lines or little paddocks at many of the campsites (I don't know if all campsites had them). The trails were not too rocky so I think barefoot horses would be fine there. I had a good time and would go back again. Hope this helps.
Thanks Adrienne, it's good to hear a first hand account of a riding place. We do hope to try the place this spring.
I like to stay at www.truewestcampground.com , because I like the fact that the horses are not in the campground, very few flies, and CLEAN. I go there to ride not to set around. I like to go on about 30 mi. loops, but you don't have to. I think the trails are very easy to get to, but I go to RIDE. The barns, and baths are nice and clean. They have an Apt., and a house to rent at a good rate.

We have been going to East Fork for years and, also, have been aggravated with the price increases. We now only go a couple of times a year and usually not on an organized ride....the place is still great!!!! But, as has already been mentioned...they are a private facility with a lot of trails, campsites and buildings to maintain so I guess the increase is somewhat justified. Love TrueWest!!! Mark and Sue are great...barn is super...no flys in the campsite...their bluegrass nights are wonderful!!!!! ...And you can access most of the trails in the BSF or have Mark trailer you to Bandy Creek and ride back....great place!!....East Fork should have honored your earlier deposit though....
hope the owners of east fork or someone that works there is seeing all of the comments and hope they get the message
I am a good friend of East Fork Stables and if everyone could stop and think for a moment on this subject and not jump to all kinds conclusions. If you had a business like East Fork Stables and had all that land and everything that came with it, you are talking about a BIG Responsiblity for it's up keep and running of all the events that they host which the other camp ground don't(now I my be wrong in that thinking ) then you could see why the others don't charge that much for there fees to camp there. Plus with this economy like it is, has made East Fork Stables take a step back and rethink there income. What if lets say that no one went to East Fork and the owner had to sell it then everyone here in this community that still camps with them would be at a totally loss because East Fork is one nice place to go riding. So if you had to think and add up everything that you had to put out to keep a place like that running then you would see why that they are at odds with there prices. Cause us riders know that it takes a lot of money to take care of our horses and our homes. Just think if you had a business like East Fork Stables on top of that. Hey Come on ! it's not easy and we must all come together to work with one another not hurt each other. I know that I don't have alot of money and that alot of us are tight with our money, but if you want to go out then expect to pay, because this economy like it is just tells you that we are all suffering, even our horses. Hey and if the economy keeps like it is going then all the camp grounds are likely to go up on there prices not just East Fork Stables. Peace to all Billie


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