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I like going to East Fork Riding Stables in Jamestown, Tn. but I am fully aggravated with them. After making a reservation with them and sending in the required deposit for their Kentucky Derby Ride in April, I received a phone call from them today stating that they had gone up another twenty dollars a person for the ride. This was going to make the ride cost over four hundred dollars for a three day ride for two people. I felt as though since I had been quoted a price for the ride and had agreed to it and had sent a deposit, that I had a binding contract with them. I expressed my anger to their representive and she said that many other people that she had contacted were also upset over the increase. East Fork already has one of the highest rates for camping anyway. How does anyone else feel about this? I guess I will just get my deposit back and go to Bandy Creek or Zenith and camp instead.

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Hi Sara,
We used to love riding at East Fork, well we still love riding there, but we are disgusted with their ever increasing prices. We were there Labor Day 2008 and saw lots of empty campsites--it appears as though many people are getting disgusted with them. We (and two other couples) rented a really nice 3 br, 2 ba cabin at Big South Fork for a 3 day weekend and spent $200 per couple. I realize the East Fork price includes meals but I guarantee you we didn't spend $200 per couple on food and beverages.

There are too many other campsites in that area for East Fork Stables to behave the way they do. Maybe this rough economy will help them learn a lesson. Just my opinion.
Jacci, I asked if we could just come and camp and provide our own meals, but they said no; that the campground is only open to those that are coming for the Kentucky Derby Ride. I bet that they don't have a full campground, either. Do you know that they even charge 20.00 a trip for each pet that you bring? Wonder what that charge is for; to discourge people from bringing their pet?

$20 per pet? I don't understand that. Looks like we'll have to check out True West or one of the many other sites that would be happy for us to spend our money with them. We did enjoy Zenith the one time we went but it seemed like you had to trailer or ride a long time to get to the trail heads. I wonder if East Fork would turn someone away the weekend of the KY Derby ride if they just pulled in without a reservation and didn't want to participate in the organized ride and activities?
i agree i love riding at east fork but bandy creek is a nice place to ride. some one was telling me that they are going to a ride at saddlevalleycampground.com i think in april and they provide tents if you want to camp on trails but they are having food menu is on website it is 100.00 for weekend food included with your on horse 225.00 for the weekend with one of their horses and food included. i don't know anything about this campground. but much cheaper then east fork and the other thing i don't like about east fork you can't just come and camp and cook your own food (because my husband and i don't eat 200.00 of food in three days because we usually don't make it two the lunch stop) during one of their organized rides you have to pay the total price and it is very expensive. maybe if some of these other place start doing the organized rides with food and don't charge as much east fork will be forced to come down on their prices. smokey mtn trail riders and blue ridge trail riders set a date and go to bandy creek and rent the pavilion and has someone come in and do the cooking and it isn't that expensive. plus you don't have to pay a riding fee just campsite stalls and food
Have you ever stayed at Zenith campground? We stayed there last year and just loved it. The people that own and run it are super nice and I like the trail also. It is very reasonably priced also. For those of you who do not know about this place, it is past East Fork like you are going to Rugby. They have a web site also.
Don't go to True West, try another one, You can't have your horses out side the barn area, Saddles r in the barn, he is real picky about where your horse goes, it is a way for the main trail heads.
I have always enjoyed True West, we just drive our tack up to the barn to tack up and leave it in our trailer at night. I don't want my horses on the campsite with me and the barn is close enough to keep an eye on them, so I don't have a problem with the 'rules'--but I have friend who doesn't like walking up and down the hill to the barn. The bath house is nice--barn is nice--not many trees for shade. Close to Spruce Creek trails and Cumberland Trail head.
Hi there! Have you tried True West Campground. We have camped there lots of times and prefer it over East Fork and Bandy Creek. You can ride to Bandy Creek in just a few hours if you would like to visit there. True West is a very clean place for your horses and also has a clean bath house. Mark and Sue are very friendly and will provide maps of the trails. We love to go there.
i would NOT reccommed True West. it is by far the worst place we have every tried to camp with a horse . Everything is hard... the guy is UPTIGHT to say the least... the website is very misleading.. it is a long ride to the forrest. all the pictures you see on his website are a long long ride from camp. we had 15 people in our group and all of us felt the same way about that place. if you like to ride and camp with your horse this is NOT
the place for you. try honeycreek, or any of the others mentioned in your comments. we like east fork alot and were not aware of the price hike. thanks for the heads up.
I agree with you, if they had already quoted you a price and you provided a deposit then they should feel ethically bound to that price. I can't imagine that anyone would change the price based on those circumstances...tell them you are with TTR and see if that changes their minds, other riding stables have been very respectful and enticing to TTR.
has any one been to Shawnee Natl Forest - Bear Branch Campground we are thinking about going there


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