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Anyone know anything about these trails right off of 50? Would love any info you may have.

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Only been there once but I thought it was a fairly easy trail not too rough from what I remember. Gotta cross a large flat rock over water to get into the wooded trail but I'm a chicken and didn't think that was too bad! Will definitely go back. Here is a link to the TWRA website where you can find a map of it. Duck River is #3 its called Yanahli (I've mainly heard it called Fountain Creek).
Thanks so much for the info. We've got one filly who doesn't like water, so this should be interesting! Do you remember if there was a fee and if you needed a coggins?
There is no fee to ride there. I always take my coggins because you never know, but there is no place to check in there or anything. I don't remember crossing any water other than that flat rock and it was just wet in spots that day.

I actually found a map that is marked much better than the first link: http://www.state.tn.us/twra/gis/wmapdf/Yanahli_Horse_Trail.pdf

Dusty is right there can be some muddy places. Seems like everywhere I've been lately has been like that though. We went to Stones River in Smyrna last week and it was VERY muddy. They got rain the day before and we didn't over in Wmsn cty. I thought that trail needed some clearing out as well.

You might look at Williamsport too. It's nice but definitely need a map! We went with someone who said they knew their way around and didn't need a map. (We rode around for hours til we found our way back to the trailers!) ha! It was pretty though.
We went today and I can say I did not enjoy some of this ride. It was really rocky and I didn't like going down that flat rock area, it was fun going up it though on the way back. I am not a very experienced trail rider and think I need a bit better trails next time. Thanks for all your help and info.
You don't have to cross that large flat rock area between the 2 quarry ponds if you don't want to. The day I went there was water running over it so no way was I going down that, slick as snot, with my horse, you can go around. The trails I don't recommend going if it's wet,,,,,,,,too many areas like deep mud bog areas from where the water stands then horses cross...my horse didn't like those at all. It was ok, I didn't think it was nothing to write home about and in some spots trees had fallen that needed clearing.
Hi, I am Linda Grajewski and am the TWRA volunteer trail coordinator for our area. We make, map and maintain the trails. The best ride is Laurel Hill in Lawrence Co. I know it is a drive but well worth it. Maps are on the website. I do not ride Fountain Creek except during the summer/fall when it is dry or as a quick trip, I live close. We are riding Wed at Laurel Hill for those who would like to come and learn the trail.
Blessings, Linda
Fountain Creek was my first trail ride away from my house. I really ddn't like the rocks, but I am kind of a chicken. How far is Laurel Hill from Lewisburg? I am also new at pulling my trailor. Do you know anything about the trails that are in Chapel Hill near Henry Horton Park? They showed on a trail map, but when we went to the park they said they no longer offered horse trails.
Thanks for the info,
Linda, I met you on the PWAT ride that you led at Laurel Hill. I agree, it has been my most favorite ride so far. The only problem is the distance. I would love to ride Wednesday, but I have other plans. Please continue to post when you may make this trip again. I'm a teacher and my riding buddy has vacation days coming. We would love to ride this another time. She has bought a new trailer so we're in a little better shape to travel. We live near Lewisburg. We have ridden at Fountain Creek a few times. It's nice that it's close and free, but it is a little rough on the riders. I had the bruises and scrapes to prove it!

Alice Coble
Suzanne, you should try Why Not Ranch, it's only about 30 mins. west of Columbia.

I read about that, are the trails pretty easy? I think we may make a trip over there.
Suzanne, the trails at Why Not are very easy with lots of shade.. There's several places for your horse to drink and Beth is one of the best people you'll ever meet...
Thanks Virgil, I think we will check them out!


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