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The Davy Crockett Trail Ride for Down Syndrome Awareness ride at Many Cedars will be October 16, I'll get an event listed on here as soon as we iron out the details. There has been a little confusion on the date with October starting on a Friday. We try to schedule between Octoberfest in Hohenwald and the last charity ride at Buffalo. Feel free to contact me if need be. Thanks.

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Is this an ORGANIZED RIDE? one with a guide that knows where they are going and that they are actually leading a group or is it like one I attended that NO ONE knew who was supposed to do what ! I like going to Many Cedars but not with a bunch of rough neck yoo hoos that climb every rock and slide down every hill there is. I want a nice enjoyable ride with no dangerous stuff on it.. like climbing that rock wall !!! Would enjoy going but need to know these things first
We always have at least 2 very capable guides for this ride. Last year, we had four who also worked as professional trail guides for Loretta Lynn's Ranch. We leave it up to the guides which trails to take everyone on. While any guide isn't able to control everyone in a group, we do make sure that you are in very good hands.
You may also ride out on your on or with another group.
As with every trail ride, we have different rider's with different expectations and experience. We aim to add just enough hills and valleys to not bore our more experienced riders, but also keep it safe for beginners.
Many Cedars has a ride-around for Bennett's Bluff. The bluff is seldom used anymore. Napier Lake trail is one of the prettier trails at Many Cedars and with the ride-around, it is fairly beginner friendly.
That being said, Come on out! Last year we had a surprise guest to entertain us. We had Joe West, the writer of American Ride come and play for us! We also got him on a horse and he plans to join us all on the trails. Plus we always have Phil Thomas and the stump jumpers and Jim Sales, who put on a great show.
can you please call me or email me so taht I can talk further with you about the ride? tncharm1@bellsouth.net


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