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Spent last weekend in Fort Worth, TX, cowboy country. We enjoyed the hometown bull riding competition at Billy Bob's (the world's largest Honky Tonk), and were excited to see so many people line dancin' and two steppin'...man, those cowboys and cowgirls know how to have a good (and wholesome) time!!

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I've been to Billy Bob's, neat place huh! I love Ft. Worth myself and could easily live there. Have a friend who was living in Arlington, now in the Grapevine area. She showed me around place in town I'd have never seen since she was basically raised there.
Yep, cool place...a good place to live if you like the west, cowboys, cattle and horses. Lots going on there too, you'd never be bored.
Hey Mike! I am from Waco and love love love my home state! Did you visit the Will Roger's? Ya know I grew up down there and have never seen the famous cattle drive through Ft. Worth...did you get to see that? They also have the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. You are right....always stuff to do!!Thank you for this site which helps ease a little bit of the "homesick" I feel by connecting me with Tn cowboys,cowgirls and horse folks.
Speaking of Waco, one of my favorite places I've visited in TX was the Texas Ranger Museum there. It is how I got the name for our youngest horse (Ima Texas Ranger). Such a neat place and great for a fan of the old west/cowboys and guns.
Both my sons were born in TX. We lived there over 10 years and loved it. I have great friends there also.


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