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Hello to All...

I am wondering if there would be interest in an all Tennessee competitive trail riding association???

It would be similar to what ACTHA offers but on a state level (similar to the Texas Trail Challenge association)

I would be interested in hearing from riders and possible hosts..

posts your thoughts here too!

I am currently an ACTHA affiliate but find that I would like to have other options


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I would be interested, especially if the obstacles were more challenging. I really like what the Mountain Trail Challenge is doing but without any indoor stuff.

I would also like something other than ACTHA for trail challenges and I will be doing EXCA and AHCA competitions this season.

We had one many yrs ago and used the Walter hill  area.  It was fun but didn't last very long. 
I'm game Stephanie

We are currently checking in to sponsors and a middle/west TN series.

What do you all consider an acceptable entry fee?
Would you prefer as winner awards
large selection of smaller prizes
buckle series
jackpot with cash payback

I like buckles and cash!  I think 50 bucks or less would be appropriate for an entry fee.

Thanks Hilda.


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