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Ok, I started this last year, after I spent $ 40.00 per horse to have test.

Does anyone know of any Coggins clinics, if so where and how much?

I need someone to give me better direction for clinic. W are told i know it is off Hwy 7 and they joo

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We pay $22.00 a horse at the vets here in Pulaski.
I pay $30 in Lewisburg/Petersburg area
Last summer it was 23.50 in Fayetteville. Before that, last spring when I had him out to do mutiple horses they only charged 19.50 a horse but then I did pay the farm visit.
I pay $25 a head for a coggins test. I use Richard Wilham. He is great! I never heard of it being $40! or even $30!!!!
Maury County Vet in Columbia charges $21 per horse. Phone# 931-388-4750.
TN Equine Hospital in Thompson's Station now charges $33 per horse.
I know that the Co-op in Gallatin, TN held a coggins clinic last year...there was a discount for mulitiple horses, and while I don't recall the exact cost...it was under $25 per horse I believe. I would contact some of the co-ops and see if they will be offering a clinic this spring.
For those that have answered to th Coggins test. I would like to say thank you. and I would like to know of that Vets name to be included with his telephone that would really helps others out. I still haven't found the one that I'm looking for of Highway 7 yet in Lyles. I have no other address only a name of JT Thomas in Springfield and I haven't been able to find the telephone number if any one does please give to me.

Thanks in advance,

PLease let me know this vet's name/number if you find it-Lyles is close to me and I didn't know there was an equine vet there!
There is one in Hickman county that I have used...it is Hickman Veterinary Hospital located on Hwy 100. I don't remember what the vet's name is, I think there are two, and the one I used was a young guy. He looked at Summer when she got some very infected clusters of tick bites up in her flank area on the inside of her leg last spring. He also pulled a coggins at the same time, but I don't remember how much he charged for it. The phone number is 931-670-4926. There is an after hours emergency number also, 931-670-4914. I went there because he was close to where we were boarding at the time, and I had limited time to get her checked out. I was happy with her exam and the way he handled her, and I don't remember the bill being outrageous.
I was just looking for some upcoming country boy shows and came across the Lewis County Saddle Club website and they were advertising their clinic, thought it might help.
March 5th and 6th are special dates to remember. We are holding our annual coggins clinic. The rate is only $15.00 per horse if you mention LCSC.

March 5th coggins testing will be held during normal business hours at the Hohenwald Animal Hospital

March 6th testing will be done 3PM to 5PM at the Saddle Club Arena Rt. 48North at Kimmins.

The website that I got this from is :
I got my tests done yasterday at the Cannon Co animal clinic. I hauled the horses in and it was 20.00 ea. Ph# is : 615-563-2648 They were tested on thurs, I was told the results will be back on Tues. Hope it's close enough to help you. Linda


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